Basic Blackjack Tips That Will Boost Your Chances of Winning

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Blackjack is recognised as one of the most popular casino table games. The aim of the game is to beat the dealer by acquiring a hand that reaches a value of 21. In order to win, the game is heavily dependent on optimal decision making as every hand will affect the outcome. The best blackjack strategy is a basic one and players who have a lot of experience, will rarely, if ever deviate from this strategy. Once you’ve read through our tips, play with 7reels online casino. This is where you will find an immersive gaming experience with all the best blackjack action.

Basic Strategy

The basic strategy is known as the most effective way to play Blackjack. Statistical probabilities have been calculated, which outline the optimal move to make in any given Blackjack situation. Basic strategy is all about maximising your winnings and minimising your losses. Due to the ways in which blackjack is played, the dealer will always have a slight advantage. However, if you follow basic strategy, you will most likely reduce the significance of the dealer’s advantage. It is important to note that this basic strategy does not guarantee a win, it only improves the chances of winning by using probability to make decisions. Sometimes, people start to go with their gut, instead of sticking to the rules. This strategy should always be used throughout the game, deviations will result in a less than optimal performance and will increase the probability of a loss.

Have a look at the blackjack chart below to see when to hit and stand. The basic rules state that you should always hit when the value of your cards are equal to, or less than 11 in total. The basic rules also state that you should always stand when the value of your cards are greater than, or equal to 17. Sign up with  7reels online casino today and try out this strategy on their blackjack tables.

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Number of Decks

The number of decks used by the dealer will have an effect on the house advantage. See the full percentage breakdown of this advantage here:

  • Single deck – 0.17%
  • Double deck – 0.46%
  • Four decks – 0.60%
  • Six decks – 0.64%
  • Eight decks – 0.65%

Dealers tend to use four or six decks, it is not common to see two or eight decks being used. Some sites also offer single deck blackjack, although this is often limited to one hand only. Due to the fact that the cards are shuffled after every hand, it doesn’t really give the player any real significant advantage. Unless, a large number of one card in particular (eg. 3 Kings) appears many times in one single hand. This, of course, will have a great impact on further decision making.

Blackjack Variations at 7Reels Casino

There are many Blackjack variations on offer at 7reels casino. Choose from American, Premium and Multi-hand options, to Spanish 21 and Crazy Blackjack. Each variation will require a slightly different strategy designed to boost your chances of winning big. If you’re feeling lucky try your hand at playing Live Blackjack and feel the adrenaline race through you. There are so many ways to play this classic game, you really can’t get bored and with a few tips like these, you could be boosting your account with extra cash.

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