Double Exposure Blackjack

Of the many blackjack variants you can play, Double Exposure Blackjack is one of the most advantageous. Also known as ‘Dealer Disclosure’ and ‘Face Up 21’, this game does not have a hole card as both the cards of the dealer are dealt face up. As this allows the players to know the dealer’s hand in advance, they can make the best use of strategies to create a winning hand. However, as a compensation for exposing the dealer’s cards, the 3 to 2 payout is modified to an even payout.

How to play Double Exposure Blackjack

Learning the rules and strategies before playing Dealer Disclosure Blackjack can be very helpful in increasing your chances of wining.

Double Exposure Blackjack Rules

Although the rules of this blackjack variant can slightly differ depending on the site you choose, there are a few basic rules that would remain same everywhere

  • The game is played with eight complete decks of cards
  • There is no hole card in Dealer Disclosure blackjack, which means that the cards dealt to the dealer should be faced up
  • The dealer usually hits on soft 17, but this rule may vary from one casino to another
  • Blackjack is the highest hand, and a dealer’s blackjack beats all the hands of a player except a blackjack
  • In case of a blackjack tie between dealer and player, the payout is even. In case the dealer and the player are tied at 17, 18, 19 or 20, the dealer wins automatically
  • Doubling and splitting are also allowed, but the rules may vary from site to site
  • Usually, insurance is not available in this variant, as there is no hole card

Apart from these, the other rules of Double Exposure Blackjack are more or less similar to classic blackjack rules. In any case, the best practice is to go through the rules of play and, terms and conditions of the specific site you choose before playing for real money.

Optimal Double Exposure Blackjack Strategy

As the rules of this game can vary from site to site, the strategies should also be used accordingly. While most of the strategies used for classic blackjack can be applied to this variant, the two distinct strategies that can work for double-exposure blackjack are as follows.

One way to make your game profitable is to hit when you have a hand between 17 and 20, even when the dealer’s hand is going to beat yours. This will remove the chance of a tied hand, which the dealer always wins.

Also, in case you are tied with the dealer at 17, 18, 19 or 20, you should hit and take a chance to make 21 to avoid losing to the dealer.

Apart from this, the trick to being successful at Double Exposure Blackjack is to look for an online blackjack site that has reasonable rules and better payouts. To check if the online blackjack site is profitable or not, go through its terms and conditions, as well as the rules for playing this variant of blackjack to make an informed decision.