Free Things to Do in Las Vegas

Tourists in Las Vegas can have great fun without parting with their hard earned money. Since Las Vegas is a gambler’s Mecca, it is full of casinos fiercely competing against one another and offering freebies galore in the form of free shows, free gambling classes, free drinks and much more.

Las Vegas, however, is not about gambling alone; it is a popular tourist resort featuring shopping malls, tourist hotspots, attractive luxury hotels and shows. Tourists who want to go shopping must visit Miracle Mile Mall, which forms part of Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino, to view an illusionary thunderstorm complete with pouring rain, lightening and thunder in the hallway of this popular mall. The unique indoor thunderstorm show is absolutely free of charge and can be experienced on the hour every hour from Monday to Thursday and every half hour from Friday to Sunday.

Relaxing in a casino lounge can also be done free of charge. Most casinos hire live bands and DJs to keep people entertained and happy in their lounges. Visitors can relax in the lounge and listen to the music and when they feel like it, they can wager on a game or two. The lounges of Hotel Bellagio Casino, Caesars Palace Casino, Excalibur Hotel Casino, Planet Hollywood Casino and others can be freely used by anybody in need to relaxation and entertainment.

Those who have flown in to Las Vegas just for its glittering casinos must take a few free gaming classes, especially if they do not know much about gambling. Almost every casino in Las Vegas offers free gaming classes, during which the basics of casino games such as blackjack, poker, Pai Gow Poker, baccarat, roulette and others are taught to new gamblers. Casinos also take this opportunity to encourage new gamblers to wager real money on their games.

One of the most fascinating freebie features of Las Vegas casinos is its free drinks. A visitor simply has to sit in the Las Vegas casinos, pretending to be absolutely engrossed in gambling activities in order to grab these free drinks. Attractive costumed waitresses keep roaming the casinos serving unlimited free drinks to anybody and everybody who appears to be gambling. Visitors who tip them for their services will get more free drinks. However, it is against casino etiquette to get drunk and behave in a boorish manner and casinos do not hesitate to chuck out players who behave badly.

Visitors can also watch some wildlife free of charge at Hotel Flamingo, which features an exquisite isle with waterfalls and streams, meant to provide the Caribbean experience to its charming visitors. More than 300 species of birds and animals live on this isle and visitors can observe turtles, penguins, ducks, swans and other creatures.

The Sirens of TI, a 15-minute show featuring dance, music, acrobatics, swordplay and other exciting ingredients, is another fascinating freebie offered at Hotel Treasure Island. The show attracts huge crowds, so visitors must arrive early to get a convenient place from where they can comfortably watch the action.