Top 5 Las Vegas Hotels

Visitors to Las Vegas will not find it difficult to find a hotel to stay at Las Vegas because the place is literally overflowing with them. Every hotel on the Strip is within walking distance to most popular attractions in the area, making it very convenient for visitors to get around. Las Vegas hotels are unique, with each hotel offering different types of services, making visitors feel that every hotel in Las Vegas is the best.

Here is a list of the 5 top hotels in Las Vegas:

MGM Grand
Overlooking the entire Strip, the MGM Grand offers customers a choice of over 5000 guest rooms and suites with excellent service and facilities. This grand hotel features 4 emerald green towers of 30 stories each, 9 different types of suites and rooms ranging from celebrity spa suites to deluxe rooms, 10 exciting restaurants, and a convention centre, are just a few of its features.


Caesars Palace
Caesars Palace is one of the hottest Las Vegas hotels and its best feature is the Garden of the Gods, which is a charming 2.4-acre outdoor pool area with 2 whirlpool spas and 4 sapphire pools. The rooms at Caesars Palace are especially designed for couples, with large king-sized beds and mirrored ceilings.

Visitors can sample exquisite Japanese and Euro Pacific cuisine in restaurants such as Hyakumi Delight and 808. The hotel is especially famous for its Cleopatra’s Barge, a lounge that floats on an indoor pool, giving customers an opportunity to enjoy the best night life in Las Vegas.


The Bellagio is a hotel for those with money to burn and its casinos and the restaurants are nothing short of fabulous. Visitors who do not mind spending money on world-class service and die-hard gamblers who long to play high-stakes poker against professional poker players will be delighted with the Bellagio experience.


The highlight of Flamingo is its 15-acre pool area, especially designed to look like the Caribbean, owing to which the hotel attracts sunbathers. Visitors find themselves facing a grand choice of 5 swimming pools, streams, lagoons, wildlife islands and rose gardens. The wildlife island is home to over 300 species of birds and animals such as turtles, flamingos, swans and ducks.

Visitors can dine at renowned restaurants like Hamada, which serves traditional Japanese food, after which they can enjoy world-class entertainment. The Flamingo is indeed unique, offering the Caribbean experience in the heart of Las Vegas.


Wynn Las Vegas
Created by Steve Wynn, this hotel is elegant and luxurious, featuring the timeless art of Picasso and Van Gogh, boutiques such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel, and a golf course designed by Tom Fazio.

The Wynn Las Vegas offers its customers stylish and contemporary rooms with flat screen TVs, huge marble baths, and windows that stretch from floor to ceiling along with other facilities such as limo service and high-speed Internet. You can also enjoy access to the hotel’s banquet services, exhibition space, conference and meeting rooms, a casino, a coffee shop, a restaurant and lounge and a poolside bar.


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