Top 5 Las Vegas Shows

Las Vegas is a city that focuses on entertainment in a special way, as a result of which visitors to Las Vegas will never feel bored. There is no dearth of shows at Las Vegas, and visitors can choose from comedy shows, concerts, movies, dance shows, musical shows, magic shows, and adult shows. One might fly to Las Vegas just for its glittering casinos and the gambling tables, but one must never return from Las Vegas without experiencing at least one of these shows. The following is a list of top 5 Las Vegas shows.

1. Sin City Comedy Show
Sin City Comedy Show, which is presented at Planet Hollywood’s V Theatre, is a combination of topnotch comedy with modern burlesque, featuring lovely ladies and widely acclaimed comedians. The dance numbers are seductive, the choreography is sexy, and the women are absolutely stunning, and when visitors are not admiring the beauty and talent of the performers, they will be laughing their heads off. Some of the comedy stars featuring on Sin City Comedy Show also appear on VH1, HBO, Comedy Central, and others. Since a different comedian is on stage every week, each weekly Sin City Comedy Show is different.

2. David Copperfield
David Copperfield can make the Statue of Liberty vanish, fly over the Grand Canyon, and perform many more magical stunts of that nature. His television shows have amazed millions of people; and the David Copperfield shows at MGM Grand’s Hollywood Theatre is something that one simply cannot miss.

3. BeatleShow
Music mad tourists can watch the Beatles in action again. Although they are not really the original Beatles, they can re-create the authentic Beatles experience in amazing ways. These four musicians are talented people who can captivate the audience with ease and make them feel as if they are watching an original Beatles show. The audience is treated to popular numbers such as “A Hard Days Night,” “Imagine,” “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” “Yesterday,” and others.

4. George Wallace
George Wallace, widely acclaimed as the “Godfather of Comedy,” presents his humorous shows every night in the showroom of Hotel Flamingo. Wallace has toured all over the US giving shows and has even appeared on TV shows such as The Tonight Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Hollywood Squares, and others. Visitors can listen to Wallace making comments on relationships, the media, and many important issues, his most famous jokes being “I Be Thinkin,” “People Say Stupid Things,” and others. He even gives away exciting prizes such as designer purses, CDs, and others to lucky viewers.

5. X Burlesque
Visitors who are interested in the sexier aspect of Las Vegas must watch X Burlesque, which is shown in a small private theatre at the Flamingo daily at 10:00 p.m.. The show features great music, seductive dance shows, and beautiful topless women. The event is also interspersed with Las Vegas comedians presenting generous doses of adult humor, giving viewers a chance to catch their breath before the topless dancers present their next number.