Jul 11

golden lion casino

Golden Lion casino were established in 2016. They are operated by Blue Media N. V. Casinos and their games are powered by Rival and Betsoft. Players can enjoy a diverse games offering, which includes video slots, jackpots, speciality games, video poker and  table games. Their site is user-friendly, with a sleek black and gold theme. If you join this casino, you’ll benefit from a first-class gaming environment, efficient customer support and a brand that is available in both the English and French language.

Blackjack Offerings at Golden Lion

Blackjack is a classic game that takes precedence in most online casinos. Experience the rush and thrill as you go head to head with a dealer. Use your knowledge of Basic Blackjack Strategy to diminish the house edge and maximise your profits with Double Down and Split strategies. Golden Lion casino offer standard classic Blackjack, as well as Blackjack Multi-Hand. There really is something for everyone, you’re in for a treat and won’t be disappointed. Golden Lion casino offer standard classic Blackjack, as well as Blackjack Multi-Hand.

Bonuses at Golden Lion

There are a number of bonus packages available. These include a Slots Bonus of 150% match bonus up to $750. There are also monthly bonuses that top up your bankroll with premium rewards. Golden Lion also have VIP monthly bonuses that only the most loyal customers have access to. These players can get up to $750 to use on slots every month, as well as up to $750 to use on cards. Golden Lion casino welcome all new players with 100% up to $500 cash. This amazing bonus can be redeemed when you follow these five steps below:

  • Sign up to Golden Lion online casino today
  • Click the Cashier button
  • Click Redeem Coupon
  • Enter bonus code LION500
  • Minimum bonus amount required to be eligible for this bonus is $25
  • Wagering Requirements – 40x

Golden Lion casino set themselves apart from the rest with their efficient payout methods, sleek online design and professional customer support. For all the latest slots, video poker and casino games – which includes Blackjack offerings, look no further than Golden Lion Casino.

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Jul 05

five card charlieCharlie is a term used in Blackjack to refer to a hand or hands that manage to get a certain number of cards without going bust. If a player manages to achieve this, they win automatically, regardless of what the Dealer hand is. The rules of Charlie, as well as the Blackjack strategy needed to utilise this ruling is something that can be used to have an advantage over the dealer and increase your chances of beating them.

The Rules of Charlie

A five card Charlie refers to a hand(s) in which the total count of cards in the player’s hand is not over 21. For example, if a player had a hand of 2-3-4-5-7, this would be considered as a five card Charlie. It is possible to get a six, seven, eight, nine and ten card Charlie. Although instances in which ten cards do not exceed 21 are quite rare, a lucky few players can and do end up with such cards.

It is important to note that not all casinos class a Charlie as an automatic win. Be sure to do your research and familiarise yourself with the rules at the table before placing any bets. You may even have to hunt for the venue, when you do find it, you will find that the Charlie does have a significant negative impact on the house advantage. For example, an automatic win on a five card Charlie will lower the house edge by 1.46%. A six card and seven card Charlie will lower the house edge by 0.16% and 0.01% respectively. Based on these statistics, it is clear that the five card Charlie is the most advantageous.


charlie strategy blackjack

Blackjack Strategy for Charlie

When you find a table that plays with the Charlie ruling, the strategy used is slightly different to when the Charlie rules do not apply. Below you will find more information about when to Hit or Stand.


  • You should Hit if you have a hand with a total of 4-11 and the Dealer has 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 or an Ace.
  • You should Hit if you have a hand with a total of 12 and the Dealer has a 2,3,7,8,9,10 or Ace
  • You should Stand if you have a total of 12 and the Dealer has 4,5, or 6. (however, if you are one or two cards away from Charlie then Hit anyway)
  • If you are one or two away from Charlie and have a total of 13, you should Hit (dealer has 2 or 3)
  • If the dealer has 4, 5 or 6 and you have 13 you should also Hit
  • If you have a hand of 17,18,19, 20 and the dealer is showing 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 or Ace then you should stand.


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Jun 27

spanish 21Spanish 21 is a variant of the classic Blackjack game. In Spanish 21, all of the 10 spot cards are removed from the deck. It is important to note that this does not include the Jack, Queen or King,these 10-value cards remain in the pack. To compensate for the removal of the 10 cards, players receive a number of advantageous rule changes and extra bonus payout options. This includes late surrender, re-splitting and side bet benefits which the players can use to diminish the house edge.

Late Surrender

In Spanish 21 you can surrender your hand late. This is useful as it means that you can give up your hand any time you want and you will still only lose half of your wager. This is a highly advantageous rule and puts the player in a position where they can minimise their loss and forfeit their hand. Players are advised to surrender when they have an 8-8 across a dealer’s Ace.


In Spanish 21, the players are allowed to split Aces, re-split, as well as double and re-double after splitting any pair. Another great benefit is that the late surrender rule still applies after splits and doublings. Players are advised to split pairs of 2,3,6,7,8,9 and Aces.

Side Bets

There are some great additional side bets that can be used in Spanish 21. One of which is called Match the Dealer. If one or both of the players preliminary cards matches the dealer’s face up card, the player wins the bet. Make sure you check the rules at the table you are playing. Some casinos charge extra to be eligible for this side bet option.

Spanish 21 Strategy

As mentioned above, there are many rule variations that significantly change the game play strategy. Follow the basic strategy and make optimal decisions that increase your likelihood of beating the dealer. The fact that the 10-value cards are underrepresented means that bonus payouts like side bets should be avoided. By placing additional side-bets you can decrease your chances of winning. Please also note that late surrender is not often a profitable strategy and should be used sparingly. In most instances, it is more profitable to draw another card. Remember, the risk of going bust is lower than regular Blackjack (because there are less 10-value cards).

Spanish 21 basic strategy

Summary of Spanish 21 Rules

  • Spanish 21 is usually played using 6-8 decks.
  • The four 10 spot cards (10 of clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades) are removed from all decks the dealer is using.
  • Dealer hits on 16 and stands on 17. 
  • Players are advised to hit on 7-7, when the dealer holds a 7.
  • If a dealer has 2,7 or Ace and the player has 9-9, it is advised that the player stands.
  • Player Blackjack always wins. Player 21 always wins (even against a dealer Blackjack)
  • Players are allowed to double after a split.
  • Players are allowed to draw several cards, even after they have split Aces.
  • Extra bonus payouts for special hands (e.g. 6-7-8 and perfect charlie – 2-3-4-5-7)


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Jun 22

blackjack optionsWhen you are dealt two cards of the same denomination (e.g. two eights, two tens or two jacks) you will have the option to split them into two separate hands. You signal your intention to split by spreading two fingers apart in a scissor motion. When you split, the dealer will deal two more cards (one for each hand) and your bet is doubled. The bet for the new hands must be equal to the amount you placed on the original first two cards dealt. Splitting gives you two chances to beat the dealer (or lose). High-level strategy players know when to split. As there are only ten card values, learning the optimal decision to make is fairly simple. See a full breakdown of when to split or not, below.

Blackjack Games

Most Blackjack games will allow you to split a hand a maximum of three times. This means that you can play a total of up to four hands at one time. Remember to check the house rules before placing bets to ensure to ensure that you are complying with the casino. There is usually a small game-play rules next to the table, of if playing online, you will find the rules in a tab. Familiarise yourself with all rules, including double down and surrender, to ensure that you can play optimally.

When to Split

There are some situations where it makes sense for the player to split, regardless of the dealers upcard. Splitting will give you the strongest hand and will increase your chances of beating the dealer.

Always split Aces and 8s.








Splitting will give you a much better chance of getting the strongest hand. Playing two aces as one hand means you start with a value of 12 (Ace =1, Ace = 11) In this instance, you will need to score a value of 9 on your next hand to get 21. If you score a 10, you will be forced to play the second ace as 1 and this will bring your total to 12. However, if you split your two Aces, you can play both at the value of 11, which means you have four ways to get a 21 in either hand. (10, J, Q or K).

Here are some other instances in which you could split, to increase your advantage and diminish the house edge.

  • Split 2s and 3s against a dealer 4-7, and against a 2 or 3 if Double After Split (DAS) is allowed.
  • Split 4s only if DAS is allowed and the dealer shows a 5 or 6.
  • Split 6s against a dealer 3-6, and against a 2 if DAS is allowed.
  • Split 7s against a dealer 2-7.
  • Split 9s against a dealer 2-6 or 8-9

When not to Split

Never split 4s, 5s and 10s.

Splitting 10s is a common mistake made in Blackjack. By Splitting a total value of 20, you are decreasing your chances of beating the dealer twofold and relying on an Ace to improve your stance. Card counters who have a good knowledge of what cards are left in the deck, may choose to split 10s. They do this as they know that they have a reasonable chance of getting at least 20 on both hands.

never split

Splitting low values like 4s and 5s, will just give you a weaker hand. When you decide to split, you also have to double your wager. Splitting low cards will likely mean that you’ll lose your money. In addition, you should look at two 5s as the value of 10. This is a strong hand and you stand a fair chance of getting 21 on the first hit. In essence, you will only decrease your chances of winning by splitting 5s and will likely be at a loss.

Why not test your split strategy today with Cafe Casino. 


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Jun 16

blackjack surrender strategyWhen playing Blackjack, there are many different decisions a player can make. If you want to improve your chances of beating the dealer, choosing the best time to stand, split and double down is vital to your success. Surrender is another option that can greatly diminish the house advantage and improve your chances of winning. Many live casinos no longer offer this option, simply because players never use it. A lot of players avoid Surrender because they see it as losing half of their bet, as a result, they would rather fight to the end, than ‘prematurely’ fold. However, Surrender can be your most powerful weapon, so, if it is an option at the live casino table, you should know how to use it and most importantly, when to use it.

What is Blackjack Surrender?

Surrender is a Blackjack decision that allows you to fold, instead of playing out the hand. This option also means that you will be given 50% of your stake back. If you have a really bad starting hand, then this is a way to minimise losses and regain some of your money back. Due to the fact that it’s rarely, if ever used by players, a lot of casinos do not have this option displayed. Always ask ask the dealer if surrender is allowed. If you’re in luck, you can use this strategy to add value to your game.

How do I Surrender?

Your ability to surrender is dependent on many variables. If you have already hit, doubled down or split, then you won’t be allowed to surrender. You can only surrender a hand if you make it the very first action on the hand. To avoid confusion, it is best to verbally tell the dealer that you want to surrender. You can also hold up both of your hands ( with palms facing the dealer) which will signal that you have “given up”. Another way to surrender is to use a finger to draw a horizontal line just behind your bet. Think of it as ‘crossing out your bet’, this is another signal that will let the dealer know that you have chosen to fold.


  • Only a two card total can be surrendered
  • Surrender cannot be used if the player has already acted on their hand.blackjacksurrender

Early vs. Late Surrender

There are two Surrender variations: (1) Early Surrender – where you surrender your hand before the dealer is able to check for Blackjack. (2) Late Surrender – this is only available after the dealer checks for Blackjack. Late Surrender is used more commonly, than its Early counterpart.

What Hands do I Surrender?

If you use the Surrender strategy properly, you can reduce the house edge by 0.07%. Given that Blackjack is a game wholly based on percentages and advantages, sticking to optimal strategies will help you become a consistent winner. Remember, do not overuse the Surrender option and always be calculated in your approach. Here are some details on which hands to surrender.

When using Late Surrender on six-deck games, follow these simple rules below:

  • Surrender hard 15 against a dealer Ten
  • Surrender hard 16 against a dealer 9
  • Surrender hard 16 against a dealer Ten
  • Surrender hard 16 against a dealer Ace

Note: If the dealer hits soft 17, these surrenders should also be included:

  • Surrender hard 15 against a dealer Ace
  • Surrender (8,8) against a dealer Ace
  • Surrender hard 17 against a dealer Ace

The Value of Surrender

When used effectively by a basic strategy player, Surrender can reduce the house advantage between 0.07%-0.09%. Of course, this depends on the rules of the game laid out by the live casino in question. It would be better if you didn’t need to surrender, but, if the opportunity strikes and you don’t want to lose all of your stake, Surrender might just save the day.

Now, go forth and use your knowledge of Surrender and other basic strategy options to win some money. Why not play Blackjack today with BoVegas Casino.

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Jun 09

double down tips

In order to boost your chances of beating the dealer, there are some strategy tips you can follow. Basic strategy  is related to the series of decisions that a player should make depending on their hand. The chart can really make a difference and it tells the player the appropriate time to stand, split, double down and surrender. You can see more information about this here. Once you have a full understanding of the basics, you can further improve your chances of big wins by deviating from the basic strategy (where applicable).

Double Down Strategy

Want to know how to break even or win at Blackjack when your chances of winning are less than 50%? Well, double down is one way to do just that! Double down means that you can double the amount of your initial bet and you will receive one draw card. There are two variables which can determine whether or not you should double down – (1) the total of your cards and (2) the dealer’s up card. This will be explored in greater detail below:

  • Single Deck – Hard hand

If you have a hard hand total count of 8 and the dealer’s count is 5 or 6, then you should double down. You should also double down if your hand is 9 or 10 and the dealer’s up card is 2 – 6 or 2 – 9 respectively. When the total of your cards is 11 then you should always double down, regardless of the dealer’s up card.

  • Single Deck – Soft hand

If you hand is A-2 or A-3, double against the dealer when they have a 5 or 6 up card. If you’re hand is A-4 or A-5, double against the dealer when they have a 4,5 or 6. For a hand of A-6 or A-7, double up when the dealer has a 3 – 6 up card.

Note: For double deck and 4/6/8 variations see the chart below. This details the optimal decision to make based on all hand variations you and the dealer can have.

double down strategy

Double Down with Codeta Casino

Why not try using our tips here with Codeta Casino. They specialise in live table games and have the very best Blackjack offerings. Why not play variations such as European Blackjack, Multi-hand Blackjack, VIP silver, Common draw and many more. The choice is yours. Whatever you decide, use these blackjack tips to help improve your gameplay so that you can beat the dealer and win big! Codeta offer an amazing welcome package to get you started. You can double up when you double down with their 100% welcome bonus, or you can choose to get 10% extra bonus on your winnings/cash back on your losses. See the full welcome package breakdown here:

Double Up

  • Sign up to Codeta online casino
  • 1st deposit – 100% match up to £300

10% Cashback Bonus

  • Sign up to Codeta online casino
  • Make a deposit
  • At the end of the first week Codeta will reward you with 10% extra on your winnings or 10% cashback on your losses.

Winning at Blackjack, means taking advantage of every opportunity to one up the dealer. Doubling down gives you, the player, a real thrill and conjures up excitement and anticipation. Being wise with your decisions and being calculated in your actions, means that you are likely to increase your chances of winning. Put yourself to the test with Codeta Casino, use our double down blackjack tips today and enjoy amazing welcome bonuses which you can use to play Blackjack live with a dealer.

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May 26

aladdin gold - suit em up

Aladdin’s Gold is a wondrous online casino full of adventure and mystery. Let Aladdin’s magic carpet take you on a journey you will never forget. For all of your Blackjack favourites, you can be assured that Aladdin has you covered. Choose from classic Blackjack 21, 5 Diamond Blackjack, Blackjack and Perfect Pairs and European Blackjack. You can play for fun, or, if you really are seeking a thrill, then why not play using real money. Aladdin Gold also offer Suit ‘Em Up Blackjack, this is a variant that incorporates side bets for suited pairs.

Suit ‘Em Up Blackjack

The rules are straightforward and easy to follow. The player is dealt two cards, if they are the same suit, then the player wins. The payout is dependent on the rank of the two cards (high cards, like Aces, pay more). Aladdin Gold pay outs are as follows:

  • Suited Aces – 60:1
  • Suited Blackjack – 10:1
  • Suited Pair – 5:1
  • Suited Eleven – 3:1
  • All Other Suited: 2:1

Welcome Offer and Bonuses

If you don’t already have an account but would love to join Aladdin on his adventures, then why not sign up today. Making an account is easy and with a fantastic up to 1,400% bonus, you’ll be glad you did. Aladdin’s Gold casino want to make sure that you have the greatest gaming experience and with an amazing welcome package like this, they won’t disappoint. See the full deposit bonus package breakdown below:


  • Sign up to Aladdin’s Gold online casino
  • Get 200% bonus on 7 deposits for 7 days
  • Use coupon code – “7DAYWELCOME200”
  • Wager requirements – 30x
  • Games: Slots, Keno and Scratch cards

Aladdin’s Gold is a fun and exciting online casino, it’s purple and gold theme, give this casino a warm Aladdin-style, with premium graphics and instant play, as well as downloadable options. Your luck awaits, so climb aboard the magic carpet and see where it could take you. You might just win big with Aladdin Gold casino.

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May 19

blackjack 21

Blackjack is recognised as one of the most popular casino table games. The aim of the game is to beat the dealer by acquiring a hand that reaches a value of 21. In order to win, the game is heavily dependent on optimal decision making as every hand will affect the outcome. The best blackjack strategy is a basic one and players who have a lot of experience, will rarely, if ever deviate from this strategy. Once you’ve read through our tips, play with 7reels online casino. This is where you will find an immersive gaming experience with all the best blackjack action.

Basic Strategy

The basic strategy is known as the most effective way to play Blackjack. Statistical probabilities have been calculated, which outline the optimal move to make in any given Blackjack situation. Basic strategy is all about maximising your winnings and minimising your losses. Due to the ways in which blackjack is played, the dealer will always have a slight advantage. However, if you follow basic strategy, you will most likely reduce the significance of the dealer’s advantage. It is important to note that this basic strategy does not guarantee a win, it only improves the chances of winning by using probability to make decisions. Sometimes, people start to go with their gut, instead of sticking to the rules. This strategy should always be used throughout the game, deviations will result in a less than optimal performance and will increase the probability of a loss.

Have a look at the blackjack chart below to see when to hit and stand. The basic rules state that you should always hit when the value of your cards are equal to, or less than 11 in total. The basic rules also state that you should always stand when the value of your cards are greater than, or equal to 17. Sign up with  7reels online casino today and try out this strategy on their blackjack tables.

winning blackjack tips


Number of Decks

The number of decks used by the dealer will have an effect on the house advantage. See the full percentage breakdown of this advantage here:

  • Single deck – 0.17%
  • Double deck – 0.46%
  • Four decks – 0.60%
  • Six decks – 0.64%
  • Eight decks – 0.65%

Dealers tend to use four or six decks, it is not common to see two or eight decks being used. Some sites also offer single deck blackjack, although this is often limited to one hand only. Due to the fact that the cards are shuffled after every hand, it doesn’t really give the player any real significant advantage. Unless, a large number of one card in particular (eg. 3 Kings) appears many times in one single hand. This, of course, will have a great impact on further decision making.

Blackjack Variations at 7Reels Casino

There are many Blackjack variations on offer at 7reels casino. Choose from American, Premium and Multi-hand options, to Spanish 21 and Crazy Blackjack. Each variation will require a slightly different strategy designed to boost your chances of winning big. If you’re feeling lucky try your hand at playing Live Blackjack and feel the adrenaline race through you. There are so many ways to play this classic game, you really can’t get bored and with a few tips like these, you could be boosting your account with extra cash.

Welcome Offer at 7Reels Casino

To reward all of their new players who join, 7reels online casino offer five bonuses (on the first five deposits). Upon sign up, you’ll get 25 spins completely free plus up to 675% in deposit bonuses. See the full bonus breakdown here:

  • 1st deposit – 200%
  • 2nd deposit – 100%
  • 3rd deposit – 100%
  • 4th deposit – 100%
  • 5th deposit – 175%


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May 12


21 Dukes online casino offer a top-notch gambling environment, they have over 50 Blackjack variations. Which means that you really won’t be disappointed because they have something to suit your individual player needs. Why not give ‘Atlantic City’ ‘Multihand V’ or ‘Super 7’s’ variations a try. For those seeking a real thrill, with added pressure, fun and excitement, then why not do it live! Play with a live-dealer at 21 Dukes and see if you can make it to 21 before they do. You can choose from Common Draw and Classic Blackjack options. Everything is always enhanced when you go live and play, it will be as if you are in the real casino, while all the while enjoying the game from the comfort of your home.

21Dukes have a whole heap of promotions and offers to keep you in the gamer mood!

They have daily deal bonuses such as ‘Full House Friday’, ‘Bitcoin Bonus’ and prize tournaments where you can win up to $500,000! If you want to take advantage of these offers but don’t have an account, relax signing up is as simple as 1, 2, 3. This casino gives 25 free spins upon sign up as well as up to 675% bonus. See the full welcome package breakdown here:

  • 1st deposit – 200% bonus
  • 2nd deposit -100% bonus
  • 3rd deposit -100% bonus
  • 4th deposit -100% bonus
  • 5th deposit -175% bonus

Enjoy these generous rewards that 21Dukes have on offer today! Simply sign up, make your deposit and you can start  playing with more money in your account in an instant! For all of your Blackjack favourites and hot promotions, look no further than 21Dukes online casino.


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May 11

betspin casino

Betspin online casino sets itself apart from the rest with its premium gaming experience and crisp graphics. There are over 400 games available, from slots, to table games and video poker. Betspin have 8 Blackjack games available. In addition to classic Blackjack, they also offer ‘Single Deck’, ‘Touch’ and ‘Professional Series’ variations. You can play for fun or, if you dare, for real money. If you’re a thrill-seeker looking for heart-pounding fun, then why not play Blackjack live, you can play either the Classic or the High Roller version. Put yourself to the test and see if you can beat the dealer and get to 21 before they do.

There are many great promotions on offer, from ‘Monday Triple Spins’ to ‘‘Double Deal Thursdays’. With Betspin you can get up to £400 in bonuses plus 150 Free Spins. Start reaping your rewards and have a bit of extra cash in your account to play with. See the full bonus breakdown here:


  • Sign up to Betspin Online Casino
  • 1st deposit – 200% up to £50 plus 150 free daily spins (Bonus Code: BETSPIN1)
  • 2nd deposit -50% up to £50 (Bonus Code: BETSPIN2)
  • 3rd deposit – 50% up to £100 (Bonus Code: BETSPIN3)
  • 4th deposit – 50% up to £200 (Bonus Code: BETSPIN4)

Betspin are a top-notch online casino, they have a diverse games lobby, a fantastic customer support team and a they are always finding new ways for you to claim generous bonuses and free spin offers. Enjoy all of your blackjack favourites here with Betspin today.

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