Nov 08

Play Over 20 Live Blackjack Options at PlayAmo!

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PlayAmo have a bunch of reasons for you to join and we can’t think of a single reason why you shouldn’t!Playamo

They have loads of great promotions, a fantastic design and loads of Blackjack options that will keep you for content every time you return to their site.

They have loads of Blackjack options in both the live and virtual variety and various different versions of the game that test your Blackjack skills in different ways and so you can see if you are the Blackjack master!

They pride themselves on being a casino, by the player for the player and this is why they make sure they have as much Blackjack variety as possible.

Most people agrees that traditional Blackjack is the best, but variety is the spice of life and this goes double for gaming, as sometimes playing the same old table can get dull.

As such, they have decided to include a Blackjack specific section of their website which is like heaven online!

Here you can find extensive Live Blackjack options, which although many are similar, each have their own unique presenter, style and level of skill so you can enjoy different scenery every time you log on!

They have over 20 different tables for you play on, which means that you can get on a table all hours of the day, with many supplied by Live Casino Powerhouse, Evolution Gaming, so you know you are in good hands.

These include loads of VIP tables as well, so that you can move things up a notch and play on a high stakes table in a more luxurious environment!

This really makes it a one-stop for Live Blackjack games!

However, they have loads more than just this and you can play other Blackjack casino games too, which have fresh twists on the original game.

Of course you can play classic Blackjack here, but they also have various other options too, including many options for Blackjack Double Exposure, as well as 21 Burn Blackjack, Super 7 and Pontoon, among many others!

As well as this, they have various other regional specific styles of the game that include Monte Carlo, Atlantic City and European style, so whatever area you like to play in, you can without even leaving the house!

They don’t just have loads of superb Blackjack options, but also loads of other amazing casino games too!

Including a whole section dedicated to Roulette and Slots, as well as Bitcoin specific games, which are great if you like to dabble in a more modern online currency!

They also have some fantastic promotions for you too!

To get you started on their site they double your money straight away!

Simply make a deposit today and you will get a 100% Match up to $100, which is great bit of cash to get playing on their site!

This plus 100 Free Spins too, so if you fancy having a go at one of their slots and take a break from the Blackjack at any point, then you can for free!

If you want more Bonus Cash though, that is super simple too, as you can get a further $200 when you return a second time and make a second deposit!

This is thanks to a 50% Second Deposit bonus, which also comes with some  Free Spins too!

This means $300 can be yours in just two deposits and you can get more bonus cash every Friday, plus loads more opportunities to win regularly so there you will never be limited by a lack of Bonus Cash, which is always great! 

With such a wide selection of games and some fantastic Bonus Money to get you started, it is the perfect time to play Blackjack at PlayAmo today!


  • Join PlayAmo
  • Get access to over 20 Blackjack Options
  • Get access to loads more Virtual Casino Blackjack
  • Make first deposit and get a 100% Match Bonus up to $100
  • Make second deposit and get a 50% Bonus up to $200
  • T&Cs Apply
  • 18+


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Nov 02

Experience a Classier Blackjack Service at William Hill

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WilliamHill William Hill has a superb Blackjack service for it players!

It offers an abundance of Blackjack games in a variety of formats in separate sections of their website, each as fun and exciting as the last!   

Depending on how you prefer to play there is different options available to you, but rest assured none will disappoint you.

As such, if you like to play virtual card games then just head to their Casino section on the site and select their Card option, this will display 16 different options for you to play.

These range from more generic versions of the classic game such as American, British, Pontoon and Surrender, to more extravagant versions!

These include such options such as Cashback Blackjack, in which you will be offered payouts in exchange for your hand!

These you can accept or reject, which adds a more tactical element to your game-play, as well as being played in with 5 hands, which really makes the game more exciting.

There is also loads of other perks and feature that you will soon come to notice as the game-play goes on. 

Another unconventional game is Buster Blackjack, where you can choose to play a special side bet called “Buster”, where you bet on the dealer going bust, if successful you win and the more cards in the dealers hand the bigger the payout!

They also have their very own William Hill Blackjack, which is exclusive to their site and is a classy and fun environment to bet, plus as the old phrase goes, “When in Rome”!

However, this is just scratching the surface and there is an abundance of other Virtual Blackjack for you to play too!

If you prefer the Live Casino, there is plenty of options for you to play Blackjack Live at William Hill too. 

They have very attractive Vegas styled Live Casino, which has 8 different Blackjack tables!

These include various versions here too, in the form of Pig Wizard Blackjack and Genie Jackpots Blackjack, which are well worth checking out.

You can choose to embrace the Vegas style with their Vegas Strip Blackjack, or venture a bit more further afield and indulge in some Macau Blackjack, both of which are available in VIP too, so if you want an extra touch of class and higher stakes then it is perfect!

This said, William Hill is a UK Casino and you can get that British vibe in abundance if you opt for their Mayfair selection, here you can play casino in a classy Mayfair venue!

As well as getting a more prestigious environment, you can also play extra side bets of Perfect Pair and 21+3 as well, or choose to not play and simply bet behind other playser, if you think they are on a hot streak!

This option is also available in VIP too, so if you want to move it up a notch, it is perfect!

Now you know about all the great options, how about a fantastic Welcome Promotion to get you started at their site?

Well when you join their Live Casino, you will be eligible for a 100% Bonus up to $100, thus meaning you can double your money, which is the perfect start to your William Hill career and gives you plenty of funds to have a taste of all those great Live Tables from the get go!

Alternatively, if it was the virtual card games that sounded appealing, then just sign up in the Casino Section, deposit and feel 100% here too, but up to the more princely sum of $300, which is three times the reason to join this section of the site! 

With all these games and some very respectable pair of welcome promotions, now is the time to get started at William Hill!

Welcome Promotion at William Hill

Depending what Blackjack suits you, you can choose from two welcome bonus, check them out below:

  • Join William Hill Live Casino, make first deposit and receive 100% Bonus up to $100


  • Join William Hill Casino, make first deposit and receive a 100% bonus up to $300
  • T&Cs Apply
  • 18+


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Oct 19

Get Involved in Codetas Weekly Blackjack Tournaments

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If you for some insane reason you haven’t join already, you have been missing out on some serious action at Codeta Casino Codeta

These guys are at the quintessential online venue for high quality online table games, which of course means some of the best Blackjack tables around, and now, for a limited time only, you can enjoy a weekly Blackjack Tournament!

Every weekend in October, they will be hosting Live Blackjack Tournaments that challenge its illustrious clientele to race against the dealer for the most Blackjacks.

As such, every Saturday night at 00:01, the race begins and you will have until 23:59 on Sunday evening to win as much as you can, pip all the other challengers to the post and achieve a seriously great cash prize of $100!

So clear your weekend schedule, sign up and start playing on Saturday at their Codeta Blackjack table, which is where the Blackjacks will count from!

When you log in you will be faced with a live dealer, who is trained to the highest standard and you will be play on a handsome table in a real, living and breathing casino.

As such, with this tournament, comes all the same high octane action of that you would expect from tournament in any bricks and mortar casino, just with the added benefit that you can play from the comfort of your own home!

This isn’t one for the faint hearted though and you will need to be a the top of your game to beat some of the best online Blackjack players around, so be prepared for some serious competition, but as all casino enthusiasts know, you need guts to get the glory and so now is the perfect time to show what you got!

We are now half through October, but there is still two tournaments to partake in, which means you still have two chances to get your hands on that prize and £200 can still be yours before the end of the month if you are willing to play hard and fast!

Why wait for Saturday though to sign up though? With so much on at Codeta, you can enjoy playing great Blackjack games even months after the tournaments are over!

As such, if you sign up now, you can start practicing on their exclusive Codeta table where the tournaments will take place, which is open everyday from 12:00-04:00, so you can get use to aesthetics, or alternatively, choose to play on any of their over 40 other greats Blackjack tables, with numerous options for Live and Virtual Blackjack Tables!

With so much variety, you can rest assured that you will be getting a table any day of the week!

The tables include 10 different VIP Tables, as well as Live High Roller Standard, in normal and pro options, as well as bilingual tables and variations such as Multiplayer Common Draw and the Atlantic City version of the game.

As well as all this, there are more interesting options in their virtual dealer Blackjack, including option for Pontoon and Double down, as well as more unique options such as, Blackjack Bonus, Players Choice and Red Queen, which are well worth checking out for some extra interesting game-play, that is if you can pull yourself away from their fantastic Live tables!

Right now, is the perfect time to get involved in all this too, as you can cash in or get cashback with your choice of welcome bonuses.

You can opt for either a slot and virtual table games bonus and get a 100% match bonus up to €300 on your first deposit, which is great, but bear in mind, the wagering requirements are higher for Blackjack, so this will only be for you if you love slots too!

If you are a pure Blackjack man and you love the Live Casino, then just opt for the Live Casino Bonus, which will give your choice of either 10% Cashback on your losses, or 10% Extra on your winnings, your choice!

So get down to Codeta right now, before the end of October, so you can get involved in this superb Blackjack Tournament, get yourself some extra cash, as well as gain access to dozens of ways to play your favorite game!

Codeta Casino Blackjack Summary:

  • Sign up to Codeta
  • Get involved in their weekly Blackjack Tournament before the end of Ocotber
  • Get access to over 40 Blackjack Options
  • Get either a 100% Casino Bonus up to £300
  • Get your choice of either 10% Cashback on losses OR 10% extra on your winnings in Live Casino
  • T&C’s Apply
  • 18+


Get down to Codeta Casino quick before these tournaments are over!

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Oct 06

Play the most unique Blackjack games around and get $4000 in Bonus Cash!

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Although summer may be over, you can play Blackjack in the backdrop of the heart of Florida, at Miami Club.Miami Club

Coming to you live and direct from across the pond is a casino that provides you more Blackjack options than you can shake a stick at, with loads of fun to be had and loads of cash to be won.

The guys behind this site have a been working hard to optimize their players experience and as time goes on they have been re-working and improving the players gaming experience on their site and one of the things that has been improved is their Blackjack selection.

They have some of the most niche versions of Blackjack available, with regional variations and games that play different rules and styles, so it is very easy to pick a new version if you ever get bored of playing the same format.

Of course, they have standard Blackjack with a 52 Card deck for you if you like to keep things traditional, but this is just scratching the surface.

For example, you can play things such as Vegas Blackjack in various different styles, these include Vegas Strip Blackjack, Vegas Single Deck and Downtown Vegas Blackjack.

These vary slightly their rules and game-play. For example, Downtown Blackjack uses two decks of cards and the dealer must draw on soft 17 and stand on hard 17 or higher, this is different to Vegas Strip, where it is played with 6 decks of card and the dealer stands on all 17s.

These are just two examples of the differences, but the game-play unfolds in many other varying ways and the best way to understand the difference is of course, to play for yourself.

If you want to have a taste of Vegas with a more straight forward style then, you can also opt for Vegas Single deck, which is essentially the same as Classic, but the dealer must hit on soft 17.

All of these vary in terms of maximum wager, as well as table limit, so this may too sway your mind about which game to play.

Downtown and Strip have a max wager of $200 and a table limits of $1000, compared to Single Deck which has max wager and table limit of just $100. However, all three have the minimum wager set at $2.

They also have the option for European Blackjack, which involves four decks, the Atlantic City variation, which will see you play with 8 decks, and also, Perfect Pairs Blackjack.

You can play a Jackpot Version too. This gives you the potential to earn at least $65147 from as a little as a $2.00 bet, which means some seriously life changing money can yours from pocket change if you play your cards right.

With all these games you will be contented for hours, as you will have the ability to keep mixing it up and testing your skills on different variations.

Enough practice on this site and you will never be out of your depth at any table across the globe!

However, why wait?

You can also taste your casino skills and spice things up, right here and right now, with one of their Tournaments.

You can choose from tournaments that focus on any game, however, what we care about is Blackjack and this is on offer too!

Right now until the end of October you can win big on Blackjack Vegas Strip!

Entrance is a little as $3 and the cash that can be accrued has no limit, as it is a winner takes the pot scenario!

This is a sure fire way to test your skills and earn respect from other players, as well as earn some serious money and add a more competitive edge to your Blackjack experience.

If you still need any convincing to join, if you sign up through us today, you will get a massive 4000% Deposit Bonus of up $4000 to get you started!

All you have to do is click on one of our links, which will direct you to our exclusive web page and here you will find the details of how to sign up and that all important Bonus Code!

This is an offer you simply can’t get anywhere else and is a stark improvement on the $800 that is offered as standard.

As such, it is the perfect opportunity to get a massive cash fund to get you playing on the handsome array of Blackjack options explained above.

Therefore, with us you will not only be the talk of the town with most unique and niche selection of games and the opportunity to win big in one of their tournaments, but also $4000 to use from the get go!

So jet of to Miami and join the biggest and best Blackjack club around with Miami Club Casino!


T&Cs Apply 18+

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Sep 29

Get Blackjack Bonuses at Ladbrokes!

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Ladbrokes is one of the biggest names Sports betting! Ladbrokes

However, this is by no means restrictive and they offer a whole range of other superb services.

This includes loads of ways to play virtual Slots, Bingo, Poker, Lotto and most importantly for you,  Blackjack, in both Virtual and Live Casino format.

There are numerous different Blackjack options available and so you are able to indulge in your favorite games here and what’s more, they have great Welcome Promotions that can used on their Blackjack tables to give you a head start.

Depending where you choose to play, it depends what gaming options are available to you as well how much bonus cash you can receive.

You can whats on offer below!

Virtual Casino Blackjack

Their virtual casino brags an abundance of games.

These include, dozens of slots, loads of options for poker, numerous casual games, massive jackpots and over 40 tables games, including most importantly, unique and exciting ways to play Blackjack!

They had loads of variations on the classic version of the game.

Of course, they include Classic Blackjack and the option to indulge in some more prestigious Blackjack, via their premium option, but this is just for starters.

They also includes options for additional rules, such as Blackjack Surrender,  Blackjack Switch, Double Attack Blackjack, Multi-hand and 6 Deck Peek Rule.

As well as different styled Blackjack with added perks or features. For example, they have Blackjack UK, for a British themed version of the game,  Pontoon for a slight variation on the classic, as well as options for Perfect Blackjack and 21 Duel Blackjack.

Not only this, but they have the option to play Cashback Blackjack, which should make it so you never leave empty handed,  as well as the option to play their progressive jackpot Blackjack game, which has well over £100000 on offer, so this means you can get your hands on some life changing money daily.

However, if that virtual game selection wasn’t enough, you can also get your hand on £500 to use on these great games, thanks to their 100% First Deposit Match!

Simply register, make a deposit, and receive up to the £500 maximum, which can be used on nearly all their casino games, including the majority of the Blackjack options they offer.

Use this deal so that you can have double the cash and double the Blackjack fun and really get exploring all their superb Blackjack playing options on offer!

Live Casino Blackjack

Their Live Casino is just as impressive, with more games and another promotions to access.

They have a standard Live Blackjack table, which is very enjoyable indeed, as well as three other tables that are exclusive to Ladbrokes!

This means you have three Blackjack Options that you simply cant get anywhere else, with the most high quality servers to keep the game-play uninterrupted, as well as some very talented dealers, who will make you feel that real life Blackjack experience.

You will find yourself feeling like you are in a real life casino in no time at all!

One of the tables is also a Low Limit table, so if you don’t like to take things too far and like to know you aren’t spending too much this is perfect for you.

What’s more, is you can be in win the opportunity to win some extra money right away too, thanks to their 100% Deposit Match.

This is means when sign up for their live casino and gain access to their exclusive tables you will also get your money doubled, up to £100.

This means you will have bonus cash to use and test out their site, before you get involved in some real, big money Blackjack.


So check out Ladbrokes today for a massive choice to Blackjack games to play and your choice of Blackjack Bonus Cash too.

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Sep 22

If you are looking for a new Blackjack site, look no further than 32 Red. 32 Red

The Blackjack selection on offer here is pretty exceptional and you will be catered for no matter how you like to play.

Check out their great services below and see if it sounds like the one for you! 

Virtual Blackjack at 32 Red

32 Red have over 20 options to play Blackjack in their virtual casino alone.

Along with countless versions of classic Blackjack, they also have many ways to play popular variations Multi Hand and Hi Lo, as well as the option to play Spanish Blackjack. All of which are available in various formats, including Atlantic City, Vegas and European styled gaming tables, so you can mix it up and trying something new at 32 Red. 

You don’t have to be content with the standard rates here either.

If you fancy yourself as a bit a high roller and you love that VIP service, than there is plenty of options for you too and you can move it up a notch by opting for High Limit Blackjack or Premier Blackjack.

Most of these virtual games are fully supported by Gold Series and other renown Blackjack providers, which means that they are some of the best quality and most reliable Blackjack games in the business, so you know you are in a respectable and professional casino that take their Blackjack seriously as their players do.

Live Blackjack Lobby at 32 Red

If the Virtual Blackjack options don’t tickle your fancy, step into their Blackjack lobby.

This too has over 20 different tables to play at, all of which are hosted by talented and charming dealers. These dealers will chat to you whilst you play so you can experience the real life living and breathing Blackjack experience from the comfort of your own home.

Their tables start from A and go all the way through to I, so you will always be able to find a seat and get playing all hours of the day and won’t have to worry about missing out on single hand.

They also have Live Blackjack Party option, which is super fun and well worth having a go at if you want something a bit different. It has slightly lower stakes, but you are up against 3 Dealers, so it is still not for the feint hearted.

Depending on your level of skill, finances or just gaming preference, there is varying degrees of game-play to get involved in which will make your experience much more exciting. You can opt to play play Silver, Fortune or VIP Blackjack and start getting involved in some higher stakes and receive a more prestigious service!

Entry to this Lobby entitles you to some serious Blackjack and so if you consider yourself as somewhat of a pro you will be right at home at 32 Red.

Blackjack Tournaments at 32 Red

If you want to up the Blackjack ante a bit, log on to 32 Red and get involved in one of their super cool tournaments.

Getting involved means connecting and competing against fellow Blackjack enthusiasts for not only kudos, but loads of cash prizes too!

These tournaments take place throughout the week with various different stakes and prizes up for grabs.

There is various different options that you can jump into straight away, for example their Freeroll tournament, which as is name suggest, is free to enter but can get you up to £50 in cash and so you have nothing to lose!

However, once you get a bit more comfortable you can get involved with their Survivor tournaments throughout the week. These give the opportunity to get your hands on anywhere from £42 – £280, if you manage to get into the top three. The format of these tournaments works so that players are eliminated round by round, which makes its fast moving but really exciting!

Once you think you are a 32 Red Big shot, perhaps you may consider trying to get in on their Blackjack Attack weekly tournament, where there is £500 up for grabs for the winners!

These aren’t for everyone and to get in on the action you have to proceed through qualifiers, but if you are cut out for it, these should be a breeze!

To get involved in any of these, download their 32 Red Casino and navigate onto their Multi-Players & Tournaments section.


All in all, it is plain to see why this 32 Red is a superb site for Blackjack fanatics.

There is over 40 Blackjack options available so you are sure to find something you will like, along with High Stakes and VIP services available, you can also make sure you a treated right and are earning big cash prizes.

Not to mention all those great tournaments throughout the week, which provide you that competitive edge we all crave and simultaneously will earn you loads of cash and respect from your Blackjack peers.

So get to that lucky number 21 at 32 Red today!

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Sep 15

What’s the Crack with Blackjack Apps?

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Sep 08

Get up to €400 to use on Blackjack at Jackpot Knights!

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JAckpot KnightsJackpot Knight’s mission is provide a Online Casino Service like none other and you can get involved on their website today and claim up to £400 with their superb Welcome Bonus!

However, please bear in mind, that they don’t want players, they want Knights!

Brave and daring individuals who are prepared to get stuck into some serious action and win not just money, but status and glory too!

With 15 years of casino experience, the people behind Jackpot Knights have a phenomenal aptitude for what works and what doesn’t in an online casino, but they have found a winning formula here with this latest venture.

This slick and easy to navigate website, combined with a theme that is both unique , eye catching and immersive, this website is something that breaks the mould in terms of style and accessibility!

They have loads of greats ways to play Blackjack on this site, plus loads more Table games you will be in your element on this site!

With loads of prestigious promotions, grand games and a superb service, Jackpot Knights is a crown jewel in the online casino realm!

So follow our links to their page and check out what quests they have on offer for you today!

Welcome Promotion

Be welcomed into Knighthood with Jackpot Knights’ prestigious Welcome Package which could see you claim up to €400 and a 100 Free Spins!

There are four stages to claim the cash and if you think you are brave enough to compete on their site, then this is your finest opportunity to start your adventure in the right way!

After you sign up and make your first deposit, you can expect a 100% Match on those funds up to £100!

This means within minutes of registering, you would have doubled your money instantly!

Not only this, but they will also give you 100 Free Spins to use on the immensely popular Starburst!

A very imposing offer indeed!

But that is just for starters!

If you make a second deposit you will receive a further 50% Bonus of up to £50.

Then on your third deposit, you will be able to claim another £100 and add some more strings to your bow, thanks to their 25% Deposit Bonus.

Then finally, on your fourth deposit, you get some real force behind you, with a whopping £150 Bonus Cash, thanks to another 100% Deposit Match!

With all that Bonus Cash you can really start getting involved in an exciting quest across their site that will see you bask in glory for days on end.

All of this can be used on any of their Blackjack games so it is perfect for you Blackjack fans who fancy a couple of Free Blackjacks Sessions!!

Not only this, but they also give all new players 10 Deposit Free Spins on ether Starburst, Twin Spin or Piggy Riches, just as a thank you for choosing them!

You couldn’t ask for a more noble service!

All this, plus with loads more Free Spins and Bonuses on offer every week, top quality games and a super service, there is tons of treasure to be uncovered on this site!

So choose your weapon, grab your best chain mail and start your adventure today at Jackpot Knights


  • Join Jackpot Knights
  • 100% match on first deposit up €100
  • 100 Free Spins on Starburst
  • 50% bonus up to €50 on second deposit
  • 25% bonus up to €100 on third deposit
  • 100% bonus up to €150
  • 50x Wagering

Sign up today, claim your bonus and get on the road to greatness with Jackpot Knights.

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Sep 01

Win $21,000 in 21 Dukes Smoking Aces Blackjack Tournament

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Have yo21 Duke- Smoking acesu got what it takes to take a seat at hottest Blackjack table on the web?

If you fancy yourself as a bit of hot shot on the Blackjack scene, then you could win €21,000 this and every month with 21 Dukes.

This Tournament is open to all Blackjack players who think they have the heart, mind and soul to be the best out of thousands of competitors, top their leader-board and get their hands on some serious cash!  

21 Dukes have been on the I-Gaming Scene for nearly two decades and they know their games better than anyone else out there today. They have had the goal to provide the most extensive online gaming experience that brings the real life casino feeling into your home and on your phone. They have so far achieved this and with over one Million satisfied users, they have the clientele as proof of their expertise.

They offer a huge range of both new and classic slots, so whether you want some modern and state of the art games or  want to have a go at a throwback, you can do it on this 21 Dukes!

They also have the option to play dozens of version of Video poker, as well the option to bet on the stock market if you want something a bit different to your usual game-play experience.

Whatever you choose, you are sure to be satisfied with their  a huge array of options to choose from to play and win.

However, their main focus at 21 Dukes is on table games and with over 40 different games to play this is abundantly clear.

Most importantly, their blackjack selection on offer at this site is particularly large in comparison to other sites. They offer, funnily enough, 21 version of BlackJack to play on!

This includes the option to play various version of Classic Blackjack, as well as having Royale, Multihand and Double Exposure on offer, among others!  Plus, head over to their Live Casino for some Live Blackjack options to feel that real Casino sensation. 

So whatever your preference you will be able to get involved in your favorite version of the game!  

If their numerous Blackjack options weren’t exciting enough, they have now moved their Blackjack experience up a notch now with their Smoking Aces Blackjack tournament which could see you walk away with thousands of euros in cash prizes.

However, this is not one for the feint of heart and this will no doubt have your heart beating, your blood pumping and your adrenaline rushing.

This tournament is perfect for those who serious about both Blackjack and making serious cash!

With a Jackpot of 21,000 available for the winner every month, if you feel like you’ve got hot enough hands to compete for this huge amount cold hard cash then there is no time like the present!

To enter simply get an account with 21 Dukes, deposit €100 and start getting those all important points racked up on their leader-board by playing any of their superb Blackjack games and place as many bets as possible to get yourself ahead!

If you manage to get on the leader-board, you will already be in the money, as they are offering another 21,000 to share for all the top 10 finishers!

That means if you manage to slide into that top 10, then you could be in for a cash sum anywhere between €500 and €6,500

With so much money up for grabs you are going to have to play hard and fast to beat the rest and be the best as you will be competing against the toughest and most competitive players out there for that $21,000 so be prepared! 

This month’s competition has already started,  so if you think what it takes then sign up today, win that cash and realize your dreams at 21 Dukes!

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Aug 22

Get a Unique Twist on All Your Favorite Games at Codeta Casino!

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You will be hard pushed to find a more classy site than Codeta on the web with it professional service and exceptional range of game it has everything a player can need!

Priding themselves on what they call a “coup” against the Industry, Codeta provides its users with an experience that completely contrasts anything you may have experienced in any Online Casino before now!

Join today with us and receive a respectable 100% Welcome Bonus on your first deposit and start reaping the benefits of this fantastic casino!

About Codeta CasinoCodetta

Rather than sticking to the common mould of chance betting, their goal is give their players the analytical skills that allow their customers to see the fruits of their labour by winning big! However, they don’t just want you to walk away with as much as possible, but also make you want to enjoy yourself while you are doing so!

Their unconventional approach, has a huge emphasis on table games and it’s immediately visible from the homepage that Codeta is very much a one-stop online shop for this style of gaming.

They have all your favorites, such as, Poker, Baccarat and of course, Blackjack. However, what really make Codeta stand out from the crowd is the vast amount of twists on classics they offer to their players. 

Take Baccarat for example. As well as the traditional version, they also offer Baccarat Squeeze, Baccarat Controlled Squeeze, Speed Baccarat and Punto Baccarat, as well as 5 live versions of the game! Not to mention 49 Variations of Roulette and 66 different Blackjack tables to keep you occupied so its clear you are in the right place for table games here! 

These are just a couple of examples, but the site has loads of hidden gems on their site that even the most experienced player may not have tried his hand at before! As well as providing VIP services, for those players out there who want that little something extra when they are in the zone!

Another nice touch of the site is that they all provide tutorials for all their games so if you are new to online gaming or just fancy something new, you can give them all a go without having to risk any cash upfront!

Although, the emphasis is on Table games, fear not if you are fan of the slots, as they have plenty for you to get involved in too. With countless video slots, plus over 40 classic games if you are in the mood for a throwback!

Staffed by a team who have an abundance of casino experience you are in tried and trusted hands with people who really know what they are doing!

The emphasis with these guys really is providing an unforgettable casino experience and with their site it appears that this is very much what has been achieved!

Constantly adapting and evolving an account with Codeta will payback now, as well as in the future!

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So if you want a top-class service and couple of very generous promotions join Codeta today!

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