Best Blackjack Movies

Although blackjack lacks the drama and high excitement of poker, it still enjoys a great deal of popularity. A number of gambling movies are either based on blackjack or have some amazing, unforgettable blackjack scenes in them. Blackjack is popular because it has a low house edge and is easy to play. Players simply have to create a hand equaling 21, but should not exceed it. Players who are just beginning with blackjack and want to get introduced to it in an entertaining way only have to watch a few blackjack movies. Mentioned below is a short list of some of the best blackjack movies.

21, is the ultimate blackjack movie and hit the theaters in 2008, is inspired by the infamous MIT blackjack team that cheated casinos of millions of dollars. The movie deals with the tale of a blackjack crazy professor who trains his brightest mathematics students in the art of card counting and sets them loose on the Las Vegas casinos. The students play under false names and begin to win millions of dollars. They get greedy at the end of the movie and start fighting among themselves, and this weakness on their part leads to their downfall. Ultimately, they are caught by the casino security and the professor is arrested for his part in the scam.

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The Cooler
Blackjack enthusiasts must watch The Cooler, a typical Las Vegas style movie that revolves around card game tables, blackjack and romance. Starring William H. Macy, Alec Baldwin and Maria Bellow, this movie has to its credits 8 awards and 18 nominations. The story was written by Frank Hannah and Wayne Kramer, who also directed it.

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Starring the infamous Clive Owen and directed by Mike Hodges, Croupier is movie about a writer who becomes a croupier and gets involved in the game and caught up in the excitement and intricacies of card games. This is a great movie for blackjack players as it involves a lot of action at the card tables, focuses on types of players and involves a possible scam at the cards tables.

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Casino appeared in 1995 with Robert DeNiro, Sharon Stone, and Joe Pesci playing the lead roles. The movie is not about blackjack, but has an unforgettable blackjack scene. Pesci is the tough guy in the movie and catches some gamblers cheating at the blackjack tables of Tangiers Casino. The cheats were “spooking,” a form of cheating in which someone stands behind the dealer, gets a peep, and conveys the information to his cronies at the table. In the movie, Pesci grabs the cheat and tells him to either forfeit his winnings or keep them and get his fingers smashed. Blackjack buffs must watch the movie to know what the cheat finally chooses.

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Rain Man
Rain Man, which appeared in 1988, stars Tom Cruise who plays the role of Charlie Babbit, who has to take care of his specially gifted autistic brother Raymond. When Charlie realizes that his brother is a born card counter, they head over to Las Vegas and start counting cards at the blackjack tables. Unfortunately, they are turned out of the casino at the end of the movie.

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This is an exciting comedy that appeared in theatres in 1982. Set in a fictitious city called Loserville in the US, Jinxed is the tale of a girl who becomes the victim of a gambler. The movie has the exciting ingredients of casinos, blackjack, Las Vegas, romance, tragedy, and comedy rolled into one.

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