South African Online Blackjack Sites

South Africans have plenty of options if they want to play Blackjack at a brick and mortar casino. Every major metropolitan area in South Africa has a casino, or three. This explains the popularity of Blackjack, the most popular casino table game, amongst South Africans. None of the top online South Africa Blackjack sites are actually located in South Africa. The National Gambling Amendment Act of 2008 will effectively legalize and regulate popular South African online Blackjack sites like 888 and the Bet365 Casino. This amendment is currently not active at the moment. There was a high court ruling in South Africa that went against interactive gambling and that has to be appealed before online Blackjack sites can receive licenses to legally offer their services to South African residents. South Africans still continue to play at these online Blackjack sites though. The situation is comparable to what is going on in the USA. In September, 2011, the chief commissioner in the review of online gambling recommended legalizing online Blackjack, poker and casino gambling in general. Various organizations have already started negotiating with the South African government.

Which Online Blackjack Sites Are The Best For South Africans?

The best South African online Blackjack sites are the ones that accept South African Rand (ZAR) deposits. The quality of the casino and the selection of Blackjack games also comes into play. South Africans like variety just like Blackjack players from any other country. There are a few South African Blackjack sites that have added new games to their software. Here is an overview of the best Internet Blackjack sites for players from South Africa.

Bet365 – The Bet365 Casino accepts South African Rand deposits. This makes things much easier for players from South Africa. Other casinos for South African players to use costly, time consuming and sometimes untrustworthy payment processing companies to convert Rands into Dollars or Euros. Bet365 is home to two Blackjack sites. The first is their regular casino which used the most advanced technologies and is certified for fairness every month. The second is their live dealer casino. Between the two there are several Blackjack games available for play. If you are looking for an authentic casino experience the live dealer platform is the place to play. It is the closest things to playing Blackjack at one of South Africa’s many casinos as you can come online.

888 – 888 has been working closely with the South African government. South African horse tracks are featured at 888’s sportsbook and they are positioned to be one of the first fully certified online South African Blackjack sites and poker rooms once the new laws take effect. South Africans will enjoy the Blackjack games at 888’s 3D casino, regular casino and live dealer casino.

Both of these casinos have spotless reputations and are tested for fairness on a regular basis. South African has over 2,000 illegal land based casinos and the government has raided many shady gambling establishments. South Africans will find the fair and trustworthy Blackjack sites listed above to be very refreshing because they will not have to worry about the rigged games and criminal elements found at many of the underground casinos found in South Africa.