Best Blackjack Books

No blackjack book can be called “the best blackjack book.” Professional blackjack players, mathematicians, and scientists have all studied the game and written great books, and it is up to the individual blackjack player to decide which one of them is the best. A blackjack book does not become the best just because one player decides it is the best because some other player might put it at the bottom of his list of must reads. However, black fans agree that the following blackjack books are definitely worth reading.

Play Blackjack like the Pros

Blackjack experts agree that Play Blackjack like the Pros, written by Kevin Blackwood, the champion of the Ultimate Blackjack Tour and World Series of Blackjack, is one of the most comprehensive blackjack strategy books around. This book is ideal for players playing for fun as well as players who are determined to become professional blackjack players. The best feature of this book is its language, which is simple enough to understand and blackjack players will not find themselves floundering in technical jargon as they read this book.

Beat the Dealer

Ed Thorp’s Beat the Dealer was published over 40 years back and over 500,000 copies have already been sold. The book became so popular that land casinos changed the rules of blackjack out of fear that players might become experts at beating the dealer. The book’s 12 chapters deal with the rules of blackjack, its basic principles, and Thorp’s blackjack strategies. One cannot deny that the book helped a number of serious players make a pile of money playing blackjack.

Blackjack: Take the Money and Run
Henry Tamburin’s Blackjack: Take the Money and Run is meant not only for blackjack beginners, but also for intermediate and advanced players. Besides blackjack strategies, the book comprises valuable advice on how to find the most profitable blackjack tables, avoid being spotted by casino security, and the various risks associated with playing blackjack.

Professional Blackjack
Although the book Professional Blackjack was first published in the seventies by Gamblers’ Book Club, a recently updated and revised edition hit the shelves in the nineties. Written by Stanford Wong, whose real name is John Ferguson, this book became immensely popular among blackjack players. Ferguson mentions strategies such as High-Low System, No Hole Card play, 6-7-8, Double Exposure, Over-Under 13, and shuffling, which makes card counting as easy as breathing. Writer Don Schlesinger went so far as to call his book “the card counters’ bible.”

Blackbelt in Blackjack

Arnold Snyder’s Blackbelt in Blackjack is an excellent book for beginners, who can use the strategies and blackjack tips outlined in this book to rake in profits at the blackjack tables. This books deals exhaustively with concepts such as Zen count, Hi-Lo count, Red 7 count, True count, and others.

The above-mentioned are by no means the only blackjack books around, and serious blackjack players can check out titles such as Million Dollar Blackjack by Ken Uston, Burning the Tables in Las Vegas by Ian Andersen, and Basic Blackjack by Stanford Wong.