Cheating in Blackjack

Nobody takes kindly to a player who sullies the beautiful reputation of blackjack by cheating, and the best blackjack players have been severely punished for cheating at the blackjack tables. Many honest blackjack players are of the opinion that blackjack cheats should never be allowed into casinos. In brief, blackjack is an interesting game meant for the honest, and cheats are simply not allowed into the picture.

Why Players Must Avoid Cheating

Players should avoid cheating at the blackjack tables because it just isn’t right to cheat. They can use a number of honest blackjack strategies and card counting methods to reduce the house edge. Besides, casinos have a way of dealing sternly with cheats.

Modern casinos are equipped with the latest security devices and strictly follow pre-determined methods of opening new decks, shuffling cards, dealing them, storing them, retrieving them, and so on. Casinos also use a wide range of sophisticated software to recognize regular cheats, identify new ones, analyze game outcomes, and pinpoint unusual betting habits on the part of their players. Cheating at blackjack is, therefore, not only inadvisable, but also highly dangerous and difficult.

Cheating in casinos has been criminalized in several states; however, the severity with which captured cheats are dealt with depends on the penal code of individual states. For instance, Nevada considers cheating as a felony, and in most other cases, cheating in casinos is taken to be a fraudulent act and is dealt as such.

Blackjack Cheating Methods

Players can use a number of methods such as spooking, card marking, card mucking, card bending, card switching, electronic devices, or dealer cheating to make a few quick bucks at the blackjack tables; however, they are advised not to do so.

Each cheating method is fraught with dangers and is very difficult considering the fact that casino security takes the help of the latest technology to nab cheats. For instance, spooking is a cheating method in which the cheat stands behind the participants of the game and uses sign language to convey card information to his/her accomplices at the table.

Cheats can also use their fingernails or some other tool to mark the cards in some way. If they have nimble fingers, they can somehow substitute the cards in their hands with a card or two hidden up their sleeve. They can also bribe the dealers to fix the game in such a way that they will win the pot. Players can also use a wide range of electronic devices such as Super Chips to keep track of the cards dealt at the blackjack table.

Are Card Counters Cheats?

Card counting is not cheating as long as players use their mental abilities. A card counter who uses electronic devices to keep track of the cards dealt at a blackjack table is definitely considered to be cheating. Card counting can be the best blackjack strategy as long as players use their mental abilities alone. Casinos, however, dislike card counters and do not hesitate to chuck them out of their premises.