Las Vegas Nightlife Guide

The nightlife at Las Vegas is glamorous and glittering, and visitors who know exactly what they want and how to plan ahead can have a really great time during the unearthly hours at Las Vegas. Las Vegas has nightlife for everybody—singles, couples, senior citizens, youngsters, and so on, owing to which nobody will be disappointed as long as they know how to find the right nightclubs.

There are zillions of nightclubs and first-time visitors to Las Vegas might get overwhelmed and wonder if they will ever find the right nightclub. But Internet travel and tourism guides are full of excellent reviews and hotel staff is always eager to help; so visitors can look forward to a great time. One of the top nightclubs at Las Vegas is The Bank at the Bellagio, which sprawls over an area of 6,600sq.ft.

Although the crowds are thinner at most nightclubs during weekdays, clubs are at their best from Sundays to Thursdays, hosting great parties, hiring rocking DJs and live bands, and going the extra mile in making their customers feel comfortable. However, visitors who dislike crowds will be better off at nightclubs that are quieter and focus on rest and relaxation.

People who visit nightclubs are looking for different things, and nightclubs strive to offer almost everything a visitor is looking for. For instance, a visitor who wants to meet attractive girls must visit popular and crowded nightclubs such as the Tao Nightclub at the Venetian, the Marquee Nightclub at the Cosmopolitan, Pure Nightclub at Caesar’s Palace, Vanity Nightclub at Hard Rock Hotel, and Jet Nightclub at Mirage, to mention just a few.

Although very few nightclubs encourage bachelor parties, they go out of their way to please single women throwing hen parties in their premises. Bachelors groups that do not have too much money to spend will be better off at strip clubs or at dinner parties. Tourists who are looking for a quiet time and only want to have a few drinks in peace while enjoying the scenery will be happier at quieter nightclubs such as Moon/Playboy, Ghost Bar, Foundation Room, VooDoo Lounge, or MIX.

Las Vegas has nightlife for the elderly too, who do not like the young, jostling crowds and want places that are easier to enter. Tourists with such tastes and preferences must avoid the popular nightclubs that attract large crowds of young and over enthusiastic people and should stick to older clubs, clubs that overlook spectacular views, or lounges. They will be happier in nightclubs such as Gold Lounge, Revolution, VooDoo Lounge, and MIX, to mention just a few.

Before visiting any nightclub at Las Vegas, tourists should conduct a bit of research at sites such as, which are packed with nightclub information, free coupons, and forums for likeminded people.

Another good idea is to grab VIP passes to interesting nightclubs at online venues such as VIP passes help gain easy access to nightclubs, get the best tables, host parties with ease, and many other benefits.