Top 5 Things to Do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, that glittering city of lights, fun and sin, is not meant for casino crazy crowds alone, but also for anybody looking for a good time. You can have a great time in Las Vegas even if you do not gamble because Las Vegas is a tourist hotspot, not just a gamblers’ paradise. Visitors to Las Vegas can have the time of their lives playing slots, poker and blackjack at any of its glittering casinos, but they should also take the time to find out what else the city has to offer. Tourists can have a great time at Las Vegas even on a tight budget. Here is a list of 5 ways to have fun at Las Vegas.

1. Visit the Casinos
A visit to Las Vegas is incomplete without gambling in its casinos; however, before sitting down at a Roulette or Craps table or visiting the Poker and Blackjack tables, visitors must take a few lessons to understand the rules and strategies of these timeless card games.

Fortunately, most Las Vegas casinos offer free gaming classes, teaching newcomers the basic rules of Baccarat, Roulette, Pai Gow Poker, Blackjack and other games encouraging them to wager real money on the games.

2. Visit the Strip
The Strip is the pilgrim center of gamblers across the US. A sea of lights, glamour and glitter, the Strip attracts rivers of gamblers to its night clubs, casinos and luxury hotels. While die-hard gamblers can plunge into the casinos rights away, those interested in sightseeing can have a look at the Mirage, which is popular for a volcano that springs to life every quarter hour and the Treasure Island, where an epic pirate battle is staged every 90 minutes from 4:00 p.m.

3. Hike in the Valley of Fire
The Valley of Fire, so named for its rock formations strongly resembling fire, is about an hour’s drive from the Strip. Although the place can get very hot in summers, it is great for camping, trekking and hiking. The highlights of the spot include petrified logs, rock carvings and a visitor’s centre that provides plenty of information regarding the wildlife, history and geology of the area.

4. Shop till you Drop
When you are not busy gambling or sightseeing, you can shop till you drop at Las Vegas, which has exotic market places and glittering French boulevards. Visitors can head over to Crystals, the Town Square Mall and many other malls, which are easily accessible via bus service. Or you can just visit the Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood where you will be able to spend a whole day just window shopping.

5. Go Sightseeing and Sample Nightlife
Visitors to Vegas will never run short of things to see in Vegas beginning with the many shows held there. Las Vegas is home to indoor thunderstorms, laser shows, singing gondoliers, fashion shows, moving statues and many other things you can’t find anywhere else. You can opt to visit the most famous hotels there like the Flamingo Hotel where you can watch birds and animals on the exotic island just a little beyond the casino. The island is complete with charming waterfalls and streams, and is home to over 300 varieties of birds and animals. Visitors can observe pink flamingos, ducks, penguins, swans and other birds as well as turtles and other creatures swimming in the stream. You can then spend your evenings sampling the scintillating nightlife of the city.