Linux Live Online Casinos

Linux, and Linux based operating systems, have always lived in the shadows of the digital community. Windows and Mac computers make up the vast majority of the market, but they will never be able to offer the same unique benefits that come with Linux. Whether you made the switch to Linux for the boost in performance, for a shelter from hackers and viruses, or simply because you could use it for free, there are all kinds of options for live casinos. A lot of Linux players may have difficulty if they decide to sign up at a poker room but, for whatever reason, online casinos have embraced all operating systems by introducing no download software.

Amazingly, this kind of technology is extremely common among the live dealer casinos. Linux players can use their normal Internet browsers to access these games and since no download is necessary, it does not matter what kind of Linux you are using. Plug-ins like Java and Flash present your live games just as if they were any other kind of web content. The key is choosing the right casino for you. Assuming you are using a Linux operating system, here are a few that we think are the best.

Where Linux Users Should Play

For a legitimately authentic casino gambling experience, you would be hard pressed to find a Linux live casino better than LuckyLive. This is one of the few live casinos that is so confident with its live games that it does not even offer non-live gaming options. All of the live games (live blackjack, roulette, and baccarat) are conducted legally in Ireland (The Fitzwilliam Card Club and Casino) and then broadcasted for players around the world. Since they operate night and day (24/7), it does not matter where you live; LuckyLive Casino is always ready to entertain you. Their bonus offerings are not exactly huge, but that comes with the territory when you start playing live games.

DublinBet comes in a close second to LuckyLive in terms of live games. They operate out of the exact same casino and the DublinBet instant play software is perfect for players who are using Linux operating systems. The complete environment here manages to stay classy while still drawing a large audience. The dealers are both engaging and modest and the games perfectly mirror real life. The DublinBet website is also home to something that you don’t see very often: live poker. They conduct live games of Texas Hold’em every evening based on the time in Dublin, but be aware that your mileage may vary depending on your time zone.

After some initial trial runs,’s highly anticipated live casino has finally launched. That’s right, the website that has been dominating sports betting and horse racing for years is finally branching out to revolutionize this new kind of gaming. The very fact that we are mentioning their site on this page should let you know that they their proprietary software uses the standard instant play option to accommodate players who are using Linux. Also, some live players are hesitant about signing up at new casinos, but has been around for a long time and their live games have been through a lot of testing. You could even go as far to say that there is no safer place to play live casino games online. If you ever did encounter a problem, you can find comfort in the fact that you can call the customer support line and instantly gain access to their nearly two decades of experience.

How To Play Live Casino Games on Linux

No matter which of these casinos is the most appealing to you, the procedure for playing is the same. Go to their website and look for the Instant Play button. This will lead you to the no download version of the live casino games where you will be prompted to create your free account. Most browsers should be able to handle this, but if there are any problems, you cannot go wrong with Mozilla Firefox. It is the new standard for all kinds of interact websites. In general, live casinos are thought of as being safer than non-live casinos, but there are no guarantees. In order to protect yourself and your personal information, it would be wise to start with one of the casinos listed on this page.