Live Online Blackjack vs Traditional Online BlackJack

Live online blackjack has becoming increasingly popular among online casino players. The ability to play against live dealers is testament to just how far online casinos have developed, and how the operators of the casinos continue to improve their offerings to players.

Playing live online blackjack is a whole different experience to the more traditional form of online blackjack where an RNG (Random Number Generator) is used to “deal” the graphic depiction of the cards. Although it’s still not quite the same as sitting at a table in a real casino – there’s no waitresses bringing round drinks for one thing – it is certainly far more engaging than the graphical version. Players feel far more involved in the game and it is generally considered to be a more enjoyable way to play blackjack online.

There are some distinct advantages to playing live online blackjack and only a couple of downsides but overall the positives far outweigh the negatives. Firstly, there is usually no download required to play blackjack against a live dealer as it is normally run in your browser. So when you are ready to get started you can just visit one of our recommended live casinos, such as SmartLive Casino, and you can play almost instantly.

The second advantage – and perhaps the most important for many players – is the issue of trust. The majority of online casinos do run perfectly fair games but there unfortunately are some that don’t. To be honest, if you are playing blackjack at an online casino and you have your doubts about the fairness, you probably shouldn’t be playing there. However, even experienced online blackjacks players at the most trustworthy online casinos will have some trust issues from time to time, particularly in the middle of a bad run! Playing live online blackjack removes all element of doubt as you can actually see the dealers turning over the cards from the pack.

Another big plus is the more social aspect of live online blackjack. At some casinos, you can chat to the dealers and the other players. This can adds another level of enjoyment when playing the game, and helps bring the experience even closer to the real life version.

There is one more particularly relevant benefit of live online blackjack and that is the ability to use additional blackjack strategies. Blackjack is widely considered to be a beatable game with the application of a successful card counting technique. These techniques cannot be used in a traditional online blackjack game as the RNG does not operate in the same way as a physical deck of cards. Basic card counting techniques are relatively easy to learn and by playing live online blackjack and using these methods you can gain an advantage over the house. This can greatly increase your chances of winning at the tables. Many online casinos with a live blackjack offering also give the choice of playing “for fun”. This gives you the opportunity to practice and fine tune your blackjack strategy without risking your own money.

So it is clear that there are numerous advantages of live online blackjack over traditional online blackjack. The drawbacks are relatively insignificant – the game can be a bit slower due to the physical dealing of cards and slow internet connections can struggle a little. Because real people are used to deal the cards and run the table in live online blackjack, there are a finite number of tables available which could on occasion mean waiting for a seat to become free. This really doesn’t happen too often though.

Overall, if you like playing blackjack online and you haven’t tried the live version yet it is well worth trying out. We would suggest playing at one of the casinos that offer live online blackjack we recommend.