Responsible Gambling

Our Philosophy has emerged mainly because of our passion for live blackjack. As players ourselves, we know exactly how easy it is to fall into the game making the world that surrounds us disappear. For this reason, we want to highlight the matter of Problem Gambling, trying our best to prevent players from excessive gambling habits and to educate players on how to play responsibly.


Playing live blackjack is fun, but if you fail to play live blackjack responsibly, you will end up having serious financial and social problems due to getting addicted to the game. The best live blackjack casinos in the industry have a Responsible Gaming section on their sites, in which they advise their blackjack customers to play live blackjack responsibly and get help for gambling addiction if necessary. They also offer a wide range of tools enabling players to set deposit limits, ban themselves for a brief period of time, and so on to help them play responsibly and avoid getting addicted.

As players who are playing live blackjack responsibly, you are completely in control of how much money and time you are spending on each live blackjack game. You should also be aware of all the facts regarding gambling, whilst being realistic about the outcomes of your gambling activities. You need to set your own deposit and spending limits and decide exactly how much you will deposit in your online casino gaming accounts per month and how much of the deposited funds you will spend on live blackjack games. You also know when to stop gambling and when to log in to your gaming accounts. In short, your are fully in control of your gaming activities and play live blackjack at online casinos only for entertainment.

Useful Tips

As responsible blackjack players, you should gamble in such a way that you give yourselves the maximum entertainment and fun without causing any harm to your financial situation, career or education, or worse off, relationships with friends and family members. You should always be sure that you are playing for fun and not to escape from real-life problems or make money as a replacement for any source of income. You also need to acknowledge the fact that, more often than not, you won’t win, and thus you need to be ready to lose. Therefore, it is a good idea to determine exactly how much you can afford to lose, before calling it quits.

Responsible players usually set aside a small portion of their income for gambling entertainment and never dip into important funds such as college, medical or housekeeping funds to gamble. They never borrow money from friends, family members, and relatives to play live blackjack games, and they never let live blackjack come in the way of spending quality time with their family members. Below is a list of useful tips to keep in mind and practise when gambling online:

– Set a time limit to every game you play – do not exceed it under no circumstances!

– Understand the game – losing is always a part of the game

– Do not borrow money to gamble – avoid credit, loans and favours from your friends and family

– Never chase losses

– Agree on a maximum budget – decide how much you can afford and avoid unplanned spendings

– Do not treat casino wins as a guaranteed source of income

– Remember gambling is entertainment in moderation – do not let it interfere with your work and family life

Warning signs

Apart from taking the trouble to check out the gambling laws in your own country before signing up for live blackjack games, you also need to exhibit a high degree of responsibility when actually playing the game. Needless to say, you should always avoid gambling when drunk, angry, or depressed. Remember, gambling should be a source of fun and entertainment, not stress and/or anxiety.

We suggest for you to go through the questions below and answer them honestly. If you notice that the answers are positive, make sure you reach out to get help, as your gambling habits might be dangerous to you and your loved ones. Find out about the organisations providing support in problem gambling – we listed them under the questions.

– Are you trying to make up for your recent gambling losses?

– Do you gamble under the influence of alcohol and/or other substances?

– Has your gambling ever caused you or your family any financial problems?

– Do you gamble to escape worries and problems?

– Do you gamble with large amounts of money in order to feel excitement?

– Are you hiding your gambling from friends/family?

– Have you ever borrowed money, sold anything so you could gamble?

Support organisations

The organisations below provide information and help to treat a gambling issue, please visit them to find out more details on responsible gambling and support on problem gambling.

National Council on Problem Gambling

NCPG provides help for the US-based players. The phoneline is open 24/7 and can be used by anyone who needs help with their gambling. The site features a list of particular centres across the individual states.


GamCare offers any kind of support and information one might need with regards to problem gambling. Check the website here.


Here you will find details on responsible gambling, including tips and measures one might take to assure a safe gambling experience. Check out their website.

If you are feeling that you can’t handle any of the points mentioned in this article we urge you to get in contact with your local Gamblers Anonymous after having answered their 20 questions.

How to Keep Gambling in Control

Deposit Limits

Set a limit to your deposits. You can do it for a particular amount of time – be it a day, week or a month, depending on the casino game provider – and you will cap the amount you put into your account.

Cool-off Periods

Set a break time from the casino game providers. You can usually do it for 1 and up to 30 days. The operators should not be sending you any marketing offers, such as bonuses and special offers.

Gambling Blocking Software

There are various tools available online that once installed on your computer or mobile device will block your access to gambling sites. Find out more about them: Betfilter, Gamblock or PlayScan.


You can self-exclude from gambling-related websites. Operators are required to provide their users with such option. Most of the time users can choose self-exclusion for a year or even up to lifetime. Then, you will not be contacted by the operators with any marketing materials.

Take a Break from Social Media

Unfollow all the gambling pages and profiles that you have in your lists on social media. This way you will not be distracted by countless number of casino bonuses and other offers.

Children and Under 18s

Gambling operators need to verify age and identity of every player by using KYC and Bank-ID options. According to law, no company can advertise gambling in a way that might be found appealing by children and people under legal age.

Except for official requirements and measures taken by the gambling companies, every other individual can contribute to creating a safe environment where minors stay away from gambling. How? Find out below.

– Make sure you never use “remember password” when accessing gambling sites

– If any children have access to your computer – create a separate user profile for them

– Consider using child-protection software – for example CYBERsitter, Net Nanny or Cyber Patrol  – they will help block gambling sites from children who access the Internet.