Spanish Blackjack

Of the many blackjack variations that can be played on the internet, Spanish blackjack is an interesting and unusual one that is enjoyed by a large number of players around the world. Also known as Spanish 21, this variant of blackjack is a faster version of original blackjack as it is played with decks of only 48 cards. Owing to the lesser number of cards, the house edge increases by over 25%, which means that your odds of winning are relatively lower. However, this is compensated by higher bonus payouts in case you win.

How to play Spanish Blackjack

This variant of blackjack can be played with eight decks of 48 cards each that are held in a ‘shoe’. The 48 card deck is actually a standard 52 card deck with all the four ‘tens’ removed from it. This means that the deck only consists of face cards, aces and number cards from 2 to 9.

Spanish Blackjack Rules

Like any other variant of blackjack, the aim of players in this game is to make a hand that is closest to, but not more than, 21. Even in this variation, blackjack (ace and any 10 value card) is the highest hand, but the player’s blackjack always wins over the dealer’s blackjack, which is not the case in the game of classic blackjack.

Spanish Blackjack Strategies

As the house edge is higher in Spanish blackjack, it is important that you learn the game and its strategies thoroughly to increase your winning odds. Here are a few strategies for Spanish 21 that can be used even when playing the game online.

Late surrender – Late surrender is one of the strategies that can be used to increase your odds in Spanish 21. This strategy can be used if you find that the first two cards dealt to you are not good enough, even by adding a third card, to beat the dealer’s hand. So by surrendering, you give up the game and get back 50% of your bet amount, instead of losing it entirely. However, you lose your entire wager in case the dealer hits a blackjack.

Pair splitting – Pair-splitting is an option also available to Spanish blackjack players, where they can split cards of equal value to make up to 4 hands, which can be doubled or hit. As you get to make more than one hand with this strategy, your chances of winning in Spanish 21 also increase.

Double down and double down rescue – Players can also use the doubling down technique for the original hand or any of the split hands in Spanish 21. In case players are not happy with the third card, with the sum still being less than 21, they can cancel their doubled bet but will also have to give up on their original wager.

Payouts in Spanish Blackjack

One of the advantages of playing Spanish blackjack is the bonus you can earn from it. When you play this game, you stand the chance of winning the following:

Bonus 21, which is given when the value of your hand is 21, made by 3, 5, 6, 7 or more number of cards.
A super bonus is given when you make 21 with three ‘7’ number cards

Bonus 21, however, does not apply to hands made by splitting.