AMEX Blackjack Sites

American Express blackjack sites are online blackjack websites that offer real money blackjack games and accept payments from American Express products.

American Express Blackjack SitesAmerican Express is one of the best-known brand names on Earth. The company began in Buffalo, New York, where it was founded in 1850 as a conglomeration of banks and private investment firms. Amex is now a major player in global finance, a brand that’s worked hard to associate itself with affluence and exclusivity.

One of the things that makes American Express different from other products – a requirement that the monthly balance be paid in full. Another is the requirement of the payment of an annual fee for the privilege of carrying the card. Of course, because it’s such an exclusive card, owning and using one is a status symbol all its own.

This page covers the use of Amex cards for depositing and withdrawing funds at blackjack websites, outlining where and how to use it as well as answering the most common questions about the card.

Where You Can Use It

We’d like to point out right away that gamblers in the North American market are not allowed to use American Express products to fund or receive payments from known gambling websites. This policy has been clarified as recently as 2014 by representatives from Amex. Outside of the United States and Canada, American Express cards are accepted by plenty of blackjack sites.

Why the ban on business in the North American market? The UIGEA bill, covered in detail on other pages on this site, states clearly that no financial company that does business in the United States can conduct any kind of transaction with gambling websites. American Express was among the first companies to implement compliance with this law, years before VISA and MasterCard credit cards finally followed suit in 2010.

If you live and play your online blackjack outside of the North American market, you can use American Express cards at a long list of casino websites. Basically, any country that American Express does business in that also allows legal or regulated online gambling is a country where you can use Amex cards to fund or receive payments from a blackjack website.

How to Get an American Express Card

It isn’t as easy to get an Amex card as it is to get any of the other major branded cards. American Express prides itself on higher standards. The most obvious way they implement this is to require a certain level of credit before you can even get your hands on their lowest-level card product. You could say that the first step to getting an Amex is having excellent credit history.

Once that’s taken care of, getting an American Express card is a simple three-step process:

  • Step one: determine your card needs.

Amex makes cards for small business owners, cards for personal use, and even exclusive cards for VIPs and the super-wealthy. The card you choose depends on a range of factors, from your credit, to the average size of your purchases, to your history with Amex. Most people begin with the basic green card before moving up to one of American Express’ more exclusive card products.

  • Step two: apply online or by phone.

These days, the vast majority of people apply for American Express products online. The best place to point your browser to apply is here. If you prefer to apply by phone, call 1-800-528-4800.

  • Step three: activate and register your card.

Once you’re approved and you’ve selected your product, the card will be mailed to you. Once you open the envelope, you can register and activate your card by calling the number printed on the card and following the instructions you’re given. You can now use your American Express card anywhere the brand is accepted, including at several blackjack websites.

American Express Fees

If you find a blackjack site that accepts Amex as a deposit/withdrawal method, you’re unlikely to find fees associated with the card’s use. Part of the reason is that American Express seems to have deals with specific casinos in markets where using their products at gambling sites is legal. That means these casinos don’t charge their customers anything to use this card, since the card is accepted by special provision with Amex. If you do have to pay any fees, they’ll be minimal.

Is It Safe?

Concerns about safety are nothing new for the online gambling industry. Blackjack players often deal in large sums of money, especially when it comes to withdrawing and depositing funds at their online casino. Thankfully, American Express is a massive financial corporation with built-in safety features that make transactions using your Amex card about as safe as any in the industry.

Because American Express has such a good reputation in the finance business, and because that good reputation is in its fifteenth decade, your main concern about safety should be with the site where you do your blackjack play.

If you want to make your use of an American Express card to make blackjack deposits even safer, we recommend that you follow a few common sense steps when making your transaction:

  • Check your credit card statement regularly. You’ll want to do this all the time, not just after you make a deposit with your Amex card. You’re looking to make sure that no unauthorized transactions are taking place. You’re aided in this effort by a team of safety experts at Amex who make it their mission to protect members in case of fraud.
  • Research the security and safety features used by your blackjack site. Go ahead and call the customer service department and ask questions if it makes you feel better. Legitimate blackjack sites use similar safety measures to those used by Amex, so if you’ve found a reputable site, you should be in good hands. Another feature of quality blackjack sites – they make their security details readily available.
  • Consider using your Amex card ONLY for blackjack transactions. The best way to protect your credit account from fraud AND track your spending and bankroll when using a credit product for withdrawals and deposits is to use your Amex card for nothing else. It’s also easier to cancel the card in the case of fraud, if you don’t use that card for other major purchases, which to cancel would cause you undue stress.


American Express blackjack sites exist, but American and Canadian customers don’t have access to them. In the European market, Amex is a commonly-used deposit and withdrawal method, thanks in part to the brand’s solid reputation as a secure provider of global financial products.

Of course, VISA and MasterCard still far outpace Amex in terms of member casinos accept transactions. The main reason for this is that American Express has yet to really embrace Internet gambling as a legitimate business. Who can blame them? Complaints of fraud and constantly changing global legislation have made the market a nightmare. Since Amex’ global success depends very little on this niche market, we don’t think they’ll change their attitude toward blackjack site deposits in America anytime soon.