Live Dealer Poker

Poker games of any kind are old favorites among friends, but games like Texas Hold’em poker have seen an explosion in popularity over the last decade. There are tournaments on major television networks and online poker has brought every imaginable kind of poker game into the homes of millions. These standard poker sites are still incredibly popular because their members have been around for years, but if you are going to play poker online, you need to play it in the best way possible. Quit relying on a computer to deal your cards and play live games – the premium option for modern poker players. Live games have already revolutionized casino gaming for all types of table game enthusiasts and now they are doing the same thing for poker players.


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Live casino games are so simple that it is amazing they were not introduced earlier. Basically, these are games that exist in the real world. There is a genuine poker table and a physical deck of cards. Most importantly, there is a human running the game. To an observer, all that is missing is a group of poker players. This is because the players are actually playing remotely from their computers. Betting and folding is handled just as if they were in a normal online poker room, but the rest of the game is played in real life. You actually get to see real cards on the table, and all games operate under video cameras. These send high quality audio and video to your computer screen via the latest webcam technology.

Because live poker is still in the early stages of its life cycle, variety is lacking. In general, the only live poker game that you can play right now is live Texas Hold’em. Part of the reason that live casino games have been accepted so much more quickly is the fact that regular poker sites already offer one of the big perks of live gaming – interaction. Poker players are pitted against each other, not the house, and a kid of community naturally forms. The shift to playing live games is less revolutionary for poker players than it is for casino enthusiasts, but live dealer poker does have a lot to offer.

Why Live Poker Is Expanding

Cheating is a legitimate problem within online poker rooms. Sure the poker site itself does not have any motivation to cheat, but the individual players and employees do. The scandal at Ultimate Bet’s poker room is a perfect example of this. A number of player accounts were able to see all of the hole cards at their table and, obviously, these players could win on an extremely regular basis. This kind of cheating is theoretically possible at live casinos as well but since the cards are out of the reach of hackers, there are at least fewer vulnerabilities when playing live online poker games.

Most of these live poker games operate on live online casino sites using the same advanced software packages. This kind of streaming software allows you to play on all kinds of computers without downloading anything because the game is completely contained within your web browser. The combination of live video and a powerful digital gaming interface makes for an efficient final product. Games can be played at a fast pace even though there is a real dealer conducting the game.

Famed for its world class live casino, is fast becoming one of the premier providers of live poker online. Like the site’s name says, this live gambling website operates in Dublin. More specifically, the company is located within the Fitzwilliam Casino and Card House. This is Dublin’s largest casino and it falls under the government’s jurisdiction. They are a licensed gaming company that offers daily Texas Hold’em games in the evenings, and as live online poker becomes more popular, this is probably the live poker site to keep an eye on.