About Us

BlackjackLiveDealer.com was established in 2010 and we have since grown to be the one of the largest resources dedicated to live blackjack on the internet. We believe in providing our visitors with valuable information, but more importantly, with our personal experience.

Most of the content on this site is written by Marcus and Eddie, both of whom have been avid blackjack players for more than 25 years combined. We have tested all live dealer providers out there and spent countless hours at the tables. This enables us to provide you with fact based articles and reviews on a variety of topics.

Our Mission

To provide You with honest reviews of live dealer casinos that offer blackjack and to compare them while remaining objective. Of course, most articles will just be our opinion, but as you just learned above, it might be of value to you simply because of our experience in the at the tables.

There is way too much clutter out there at the moment and most articles are written by someone who has not even tried out the games and much of it is just re-written articles from other websites. We assure you that this is never the case with content on this site and one of our goals is to stay that way forever.


We are not only avid players of live dealer games, but also work in the industry. This means that we have close connections with all major online casinos and can resolve any problems for you quickly.

While any casino listed on this site is always carefully selected, tested and we have most likely met the people behind that operation, sometimes things go in the wrong direction. This is where we can help and get in touch with the right people to smoothly solve any issues.

How We Try To Differentiate

There are millions of results for live blackjack related terms in Google and we are one of the most dominant sites for a reason. Since launching this website we have been asking ourselves the same question over and over again – what are other sites missing that is of high value to the players?

You might have already seen our live blackjack comparison article where countless hours have been spent on researching drawing rules for all the most popular game providers. The end result is an extremely useful article for anyone that wants to play and make sure that his game of choice has the lowest house edge available.

Our casino recommendations differ depending on your location too. Although this is a basic feature, our players have found it useful. They can always be sure that the casino suggested to them is legal and licensed in their jurisdiction and will accept real money wagers from them.

Submit Your Feedback

A site like this is never finished and we are constantly trying to make it better and add more value. We realize that the best learning and improvement tool is feedback from our visitors.

If you have any tips, feature requests or different kind of feedback, we would appreciate if you would take the time to send us an e-mail about it. Alternatively, you can follow us on Twitter or Google+ and get in touch there.