Dec 06

3 Deadly Blackjack Sins

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On the face of it, it’s such a simple game. Make 21 and you’re probably laughing, make blackjack itself? Even better! However, there so many other things that can happen, almost an infinite number of possibilities. What you do when they come up, can make the difference between a good night’s gambling and a bad one. The difference between an orange juice and champagne. Some mistakes are marginal and easy to forgive while others are heinous and if you’ve made them in the past you should make sure that you learn from them and never make them again. Below are three of the biggest blunders that you can make while playing blackjack.

Blackjack Sins

Taking Insurance

Insurance is one of the biggest weapons in the casino’s armour and when you give it a little thought, it becomes obvious that you shouldn’t take it. No matter how many decks are in play, there will always be less cards that count as 10 than count as less than ten.

You’re looking at all the Kings, Queens, Jacks and Tens versus every card from 9 downwards. There are more cards in your favour than there are against so taking an even money proposition clearly doesn’t make any sense. Avoid it like the plague – there’s no situation where taking it is in your favour.

Splitting Tens

This happens all the time and it’s a huge no-no. Playing live is an advantage here because a fellow player may step in and advise you against it. If playing online it’s always handy to have a strategy guide open so that you don’t fall into this trap.

The best plan of all though is to recite this time and again until it sticks in your brain. Ten plus ten is 20, it’s a made hand that will win more often than not and should not be split under any circumstances. Sure the dealer might be showing a low card and you fancy your chances of increasing your winnings. Well in the long run you won’t. If you have 10,10 you’ve already beaten the ‘keeper and face an open goal, this is not the time to try anything fancy.

Not Splitting Eights or Aces

Contrary to the situation with 10, 10 or the equivalent these must nearly always be split. As far as Aces are concerned there is no exception even if the dealer is showing one too. Occasionally, depending on what blackjack variant you are playing you would want to stand with 8,8 if the dealer has an Ace but most of the time you should split even then. If the dealer doesn’t have an Ace it is again compulsory.

Standing on 16 is wrong most of the time and hitting on 16 has a higher than average chance of busting. Split and you give yourself two good opportunities to make a better hand than the dealer and certainly a better hand than 16. You’re not guaranteed to win by avoiding these blunders but when you do you’ll at least be minimalising your losses and giving yourself the best chance of a winning session overall.

In the mood for a good game of Blackjack? Then click here and start playing today!

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Nov 14

Bitcoin in The iGaming Industry

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Bitcoin and Gaming

Bitcoin is a digital currency that operates on the Blockchain online ledger technology. The Blockchain technology has been lauded by many, because of its transparency in transactions, while still ensuring the anonymity of users’ identities.

These two aspects of the Blockchain technology and its accepted cryptocurrency have made it appealing to many online gambling sites. These betting platforms are adopting Bitcoins in order to ensure the safety of their clients’ identities and also to encourage openness when it comes to online transactions. In this article, we explore the effects that Bitcoin adoption has had within the online gambling scene.

Online Gambling with Bitcoins

The traditional method of money remittance to online gambling casinos by use of credit cards and mobile money transfer posed a lot of threats to the client and casinos in question.

The possibility of identity theft through hacking which could result in the diversion of funds was one of the challenges that online gambling sites were faced with. The adoption of Bitcoin, however, enables the clients to change their money into the equivalent amount in Bitcoins, and thus, from there on, their identity is anonymous.

The likelihood of hacking this transaction and directing the money elsewhere is also impossible, since the hacker has to hack the entire Blockchain thread from start to finish to achieve this. And it’s good to know, that no single person can hack an entire Blockchain transaction, due to the complexity of the code at each transaction. This makes Bitcoin, the most secure means of transacting money for online casinos.

Bitcoin Gambling Sites

Since the onset of Bitcoins and Blockchain technology, which is almost a decade ago, many online gambling sites have come to adopt the use of this technology after learning about the benefits that it offers to both gamblers and betting platforms.

According to research carried out by Casino Reports, in 2013, 50% of all the online gambling transactions involved the use of Bitcoin. The number of betting firms that were going to adopt this cryptocurrency was predicted to continue rising from then onwards, and it’s evident in the presence of these sites.

Reasons for use of Bitcoins

The following reasons have contributed largely to the use of Bitcoins in online gambling:

Super Fast Transactions

Many online gambling casinos are opting for the use of Bitcoin technology because of the swiftness of transactions. A Bitcoin transaction occurs within seconds and thus is suitable for easy and instant loading of money to gambling sites and also in facilitating the payouts.

Anonymity & Security

The data of the individuals involved in a Bitcoin transaction is encrypted and thus, their identities remain anonymous. This is suitable for safeguarding individuals against online fraud and also in helping them not to harm their credit scores when applying for mortgages. Financial institutions are known to refuse to lend to individuals whose credit and debit cards show a history of involvement in gambling activities.

Easy Management of Funds

The use of Bitcoin technology helps betting firms monitor and manage funds that come in and go out of the site very easily. This helps avoid incidents of fraud by staff members.

Wanna play with your bitcoin currency? Then click here and play at Bob Casino – where apart from having Bitcoin payment available, they also offer a variety of fantastic slot games!

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Oct 03

7 Brilliant Blackjack Tips

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Blackjack Tips

Blackjack has been around for centuries and lets be honest, all players play with the aim to win. But what makes a good blackjack player? And, how can a player master the art to make decent winnings? If you’ve ever asked these questions, then you’ve come to the right place, so read on.

Play Basic Strategy

If you want to cut the house edge from 1-2% to 0.5% you’ll need to memorize basic strategy. This means you must know the right way to hit, stand, split and double down. Here are a few rules that’ll give you the upper hand:

  • You should stand if you have 12-16 and the dealer has 2-6
  • But you should hit if you have 12-16 and the dealer has 7-Ace
  • You must always split 8s and Aces
  • Double 11 vs the dealer’s 2-10
  • Double or hit Aces-6

It’s advisable to get yourself a basic memory chart. Keep in nearby when you’re playing online and ditch it once you’ve memorized all this.

Never Play Insurance

If you can count cards, you can consider taking insurance; but, if you can’t it’s not a profitable move. It’s a new bet with new money, based on whether the dealer has blackjack. You need to remember that the house has a 6% advantage over the player with an insurance bet, and that if both you and the dealer get a blackjack, then it’s a tie.

The Dealer’s Up Card

Your action is determined by what the dealer has, so you should always look at the dealer’s up card. Essentially, you want to know if the dealer has 2-6 or 7-Ace, as it will influence your game-play.

Avoid the First Base Seat

When you play blackjack, you want to play strategically and in order to do this, you need time to review your hand. If the dealer is rushing and you’re sitting in the first base seat, you’re at a great disadvantage.

Easy Start

When you arrive at the table, don’t go firing in on all four cylinders. Start small and evaluate the situation. The dealer might be hot or cold, which will have an impact on how you play. You must remember that the casino never stops, but you, do.

Ignore the Myths

You’re playing against the dealer so don’t believe that other players at the table have any influence over your game. They don’t even know what cards you have, and you don’t know and vice versa, so ignore these pesky myths.

Accept the Gifts

Bonuses and online casinos go hand in hand, and you should take full advantage of this fact. You want to prolong your playtime because it’ll give you a better chance of winning. So, take every bonus you can get your hands on. It will also give you the opportunity to better your skills without breaking the bank. And don’t forget to read the terms and condition before you start playing, because you don’t want to be frustrated when cash-out time arrives.

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Sep 28

Immerse Yourself in Evolution Gaming’s Live Blackjack

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Evolution Gaming Live Blackjack

If you’ve ever played a live casino game at an online casino then there’s an incredibly high chance that you’ve played a game by Evolution Gaming. This is because they’re the industry leader when it comes to live casino games and you can find their products at practically any casino that offers live casino games in Europe, as well as further afield, for example, in Canada.

They’ve driven to the front of the pack by providing a comprehensive live casino selection, paying particular attention to one of the most popular games around, blackjack! Evolution Gaming’s live blackjack service is hands down one of our favourites thanks to its skillful dealers, flawless streams, and all its other great features.

Here’s a rundown of what their service offers.

Evolution Gaming’s Classic Blackjack

At their classic live blackjack tables, up to 7 players can sit around a table and play at one time in the hunt for 21. Their interface is really easy to use and you’ll come to grips with it within a few minutes even if you’ve never played live casino games before, with all the action unfolding on a full-screen video.

At all their live blackjack tables, you’ll have the options for Insurance, to Double Down or to Split Pairs, with side bets like, 21+3 and Perfect Pairs also available if you’re feeling lucky. Another great feature is the games “Pre-Decision” feature, which gives you the option to Hit, Stand, Double Down or Split at the same time as the first player on the table. This ensures the games run quickly, with less waiting around during rounds.

Evolution Gaming’s Blackjack Party

If you’re looking for a more chilled out way to play then you should try out their Evolution Gaming’s Blackjack Party feature. This has much lower stakes and a more funky vibe, with music in the background and specially trained hosts which give you guidance and advice as you play. The concept is to make blackjack more fun and player-orientated, but Blackjack Party still offers all the same in-play options and side bets available in the classic versions of blackjack that Evolution Gaming offer.

Evolution Gaming’s Bet Behind

Don’t think you have the skills to play live just yet, or simply want to sit back and watch the action unfold? Then you can enjoy Evolutions Gaming’s Bet Behind feature, which allows you to bet on any of the players sat at the table and let them win money for you.

There will be indicators in the form of medals that show if a player is on a winning streak and how many rounds he has won, so if you see a player is winning then you can ride on his wave of luck! There’s no limit as to how many players you can bet behind either, so feel free to bet on as many as you like.

If you fancy throwing your hat into the ring at any time, simply click “Sit Here” when a seat becomes available and you can play yourself.

As you can see, Evolution Gaming’s Blackjack is a one-stop-shop for all kinds of players.

T&Cs Apply. 18+

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Aug 30

Evolution vs. Netent: Which Live Blackjack is Best?

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Without a doubt, the two biggest Live Casino providers in the business are Evolution Gaming and Netent. With their high-quality streams, expertly-trained dealers and various game options, they’ve blown all their competitors out the water and this is why you’ll find at least one of these providers in the live casino section of any well-respected casino in Europe, as well as further afield, in places such as Canada.

However, serious blackjack players only want the best from their live blackjack service, so even though on paper they’re evenly matched, has one got more to offer to live blackjack fanatics than the other?

We had a look at both their services and compared the two to find out once and for all who’s the Live Casino Blackjack King!

User Interface

When it comes to User Interface both of these guys have an easy-to-use and understandable system, which means you can get stuck in with no hassle, even if it’s your first time playing.

However, Netent has the edge in this department, as it offers intricate features which award players more knowledge about the game history, including In-game Statistics and an on-screen history of the dealers’ last game. As such, Netent’s user interface ultimately will assist you in making the correct call better than Evolution Gaming’s.

Winner: Netent

In-Game Betting Features

Both providers offer things all the most conventional betting options required in the game. For example, the option to split or double down and the most common side bets are available in both.

However, Evolution Gaming has excelled more in this department. This is thanks to their implementation of a “Pre-Decision” option, which allows you to make your call at the same time as the first player, rather than waiting for your go, thus speeding up game-play, as well as their “Bet Behind” feature, which allows you to bet on other players rather than playing yourself.

Winner: Evolution Gaming

Game Selection

Evolution has by far a much vaster range of game options than Netent. In fact, they have the largest in the business.

As well as numerous classic tables, they also have various VIP Blackjack Tables, with different formats and distinctive colourings and designs for each, a low-stakes and fun-filled Blackjack Party options and even, made-to-order live blackjack tables, which can be customized to fit clients’ needs.

Although Netent’s unique “Common-Draw” blackjack table allows hundreds of players to use different currencies and play all at one time with various stakes, it pales in comparison with Evolution Gaming’s offerings.

Winner: Evolution Gaming

Who is Best?

So, all things considered, we have to give the King’s crown of Live Blackjack to Evolution Gaming, predominantly owing to their wide selection of tables and betting options. Perhaps, this is no surprise, as Evolution Gaming are specialists in Live Casino, as opposed to Netent – who make all types of games. It should be considered though, that this is just our humble opinion and both providers offer fantastic services and it’s really all about personal tastes and preference.

As such, we recommend trying them both out and seeing for yourself. But for a wider selection of options, Evolution Gaming are definitely your guys!

Want to learn more about Live Blackjack and useful strategies? Then click here to find out all you need to know!

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Apr 26

Choose Your Bonus! Casino Fair Spins OR Live Casino Golden Chips!

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BGO Logo

BGO Online Casino is packed full to the rafters with cool offers and excitement fuelled entertainment for everyone, so much so that they manage to cater for even the pickiest of players.

Launched back in 2012, BGO already have a good few years and plenty of experience behind them.

Indeed, being licensed by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission and operated and owned by BGO Entertainment Limited is sentiment to this too.

So, head over there today and visit BGO’s awesome website to find out what all the excitement is about!

We’re confident that, with over 600 games to decide between, it has at least a ‘little something’ to do with all their amazing, top quality games!

Despite their humour, BGO are serious about their role, and have stocked up in their games catalogue with all the latest, greatest and most popular games going!

Clearly there are also a lot of other factors involved too, which have led to BGO becoming such a massively popular online casino with players from all over the place.

The humorous and enjoyable atmosphere as well as bright, colourful, easy to use website also play a big role it that!

Today BGO Casino also offer a totally immersive online gaming experience, and a plethora of brilliant Bonuses, and epic Promotions which are bound to bump up your bankroll!

Indeed, you will always find something at the amazing BGO to both tempt and entertain you!

BGO’s Live Casino Welcome Bonus Option

If you think you’d prefer The Boss’ dynamic Live Casino experience than their awesome Slots, then BGO cater for you too!

BGO’s Live Casino Welcome Bonus offers you a chance to be a part of all the action right away!

By using code: LIVE – You can claim one Free $1 Golden Chip for every $10 you deposit, up to a maximum of 5, when you make your 1st deposit at BGO!

Why not go and check if lady luck is on your side today and go and play a hand of Blackjack, spin the wheel of Roulette, or have a battle of wits and will with the glamorous real dealers in Baccarat?

At BGO you can do all this whilst playing in an authentic feeling casino setting.

How do YOU get hold of all those lovely shiny Golden Chips?

Simply – Just use code: LIVE when you make your 1st deposit…

Even more impressive is the fact that there is no max win and they’re wager free!

So, whatever you manage to win with those wonderful Golden Chips – You get to keep it all!

If you prefer BGO’s scorching Video Slots, then read on below for BGO’s Fair Spins Welcome Bonus!

The Fair Spins Welcome Bonus at BGO

Stored away in amongst all the Buxom Bonuses and perfect Promotions, you’ll find another very Welcome Bonus!

Yes, for all new players who sign up BGO Online Casino today, they have this fabulous one-time Casino Welcome Bonus as well.

A truly delectable little Welcome Offer it is too!

Particularly when you take into account that BGO’s awesome Fair Spins have no ‘Wagering Requirement’, or even any ‘Maximum Win’ limit!

So truly, Fair Spins are THE fairest of Spins in all the land!

AND BGO will gift you with up to a maximum of 50 of them as soon as you make your 1st deposit!

It’s broken down as follows:

  • Sign up for an account online at BGO Casino
  • Make your 1st deposit – Get 1 Fair Spin for each $1, all the way up to 50 Fair Spins!
  • You can play your Fair Spins on these epic Slots: Starburst, The Legend of Shangri-La: Cluster Pays, Finn and the Swirly Spin, or, Aloha! Cluster Pays.
  • T&Cs Apply. 18+

Play at BGO CASINO now!

All deposit Bonus amounts and/or Fair Spins must follow the bonus wagering requirements as stated before withdrawal. The maximum amount of bonus is 50 Fair Spins. All deposit bonuses may be on an opt-in basis, not all games contribute, and minimum deposit requirements must have been met. For full participation details refer to BGO Casino Bonus T&Cs.

To take your pick of awesome Welcome Bonus Goodies – Sign up at BGO Online Casino today!

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Mar 29

Get on board Casino Cruise with a great welcome bonus

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casino cruise logoCasino Cruise is a truly luxurious casino providing you with top-notch online casino gaming experience. It’s been doing so ever since 2014 when it was established.

The games are provided by such big players in the industry as NetEnt, NYX Interactive, Evolution Gaming, Quickspin and Play’n GO.

Players can expect top-notch service provided. Instant deposits, lightning-fast withdrawals, 24/7 player support, SSL encryption technology in operation to provide 100% security and much more. Once you enter Casino Cruise, everything is taken care of.

Simply relax and enjoy the experience!

Welcome Bonus that comes in hundreds!

To set you off for the casino journey just right, there are extra bonus funds and free spins waiting for you. These are always a great way to start the adventure.

Casino Cruise is going the extra mile to get you the best deals possible. Just by signing up and making your first four deposits you can receive up to $1000 and 200 free spins!

Make your first deposit and you will receive a great 100% bonus up to $200 and 200 free spins.

The second deposit at Casino Cruise is rewarded with a 50% match bonus up to 200.

Then the third and fourth deposit comes with a 25% match bonus up to $300.

It’s a deal you don’t want to miss out on!

  • Sign up at Casino Cruise
  • First deposit – 100% match bonus up to $200 plus 200 Free Spins
  • Second deposit – 50% match bonus up to $200 with the bonus code ‘WCRUISE2’
  • Third deposit – 25% match bonus up to $300 with the bonus code ‘WCRUISE3’
  • Fourth deposit – 25% match bonus up to $300 with the bonus code ‘WCRUISE4’
  • T&Cs apply. 18+

The extra spins will be coming to you in the amount of 20 for 10 consecutive days following your first deposit.

You can use the free spins to play the ever-popular slot machine Starburst. It’s a great chance for you to test out the game everyone is talking about! What’s more, this game is available on all devices, so you can enjoy it literally wherever you want.

The minimum amount you need to deposit to be eligible for the Welcome Offer’s bonuses is $10 on each of your first four deposits.


Even more bonuses on their way

There are extra bonuses waiting for frequent players at this casino. Just to start your week right, you can enjoy a 25% deposit bonus plus 10 free spins every Monday.

Another example of the bonuses at Casino Cruise is the deal that rolls out every first Wednesday of the month. You can get two 50% bonuses up to $100 on your deposits!

There are much more bonuses for you to discover at Casino Cruise!

Don’t miss out on all the great deals at Casino Cruise. Sign up at the casino and start playing now!


29th of March 2018. Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply. The Casino reserves the right to cancel or change any bonus offer at any time without notice. New Customer Only. 18+. Gambling can be addictive. Play responsibly.


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Mar 29

Bethard Scores Major Goal, Securing Football Mega Star Zlatan Ibrahimović As Ambassador & Partner!

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Zlatan Partners up with Bethard

Bethard Scores Mega Star Zlatan Ibrahimović As Ambassador & Partner!


Zlatan Ibrahimović, mega star football player, has announced today that he’s taking on a whole new kind of project!

That being?

Well, this exciting and exclusive news brings us into the understanding that Zlatan has gone into partnership with the Swedish-owned betting company Bethard.

Bethard’s incredible online casino is designed to perfection and is both instantly recognizable and stunning in equal measure, but it’s their methodology which really captured Zlatan’s heart.

To clarify all this, Bethard have also announced today, that they’ve both sparked up a friendship and signed up for an official partnership with one of the most admired football stars of our time!

Zlatan Ibrahimović, who is largely regarded as Sweden’s all-time greatest football player, is one of the world’s best footballing talents of all-time, and, practically overflowing with self-confidence, he’s not too frightened to show you what he’s made of either.

Zlatan’s – Let’s do this – style, winner’s attitude, which runs parallel with his undeniably proud nature, and the swagger which inevitably arises from those things, well, these things only add gravity to this winning partnership!

Bethard’s two main slogans ‘’Winners Dare More’’ and ‘’Dare to Do’’, at their core, both share that same dynamic, winner’s mentality, which has helped to shape and grow Zlatan into the megastar that he is now!

Erik Skarp, founder of Bethard, trusts implicitly that this great partnership with Ibrahimović, is set to send the whole company spiraling up to the next level, and in part safeguard it’s transition into becoming a global sports betting empire, as it always should have been.

Bethard Casino Capture A Star

Bethard, have always held plenty of store in that heavily over used phrase ‘Team Spirit’, indeed, ‘Team Spirit’ runs through the heart of everything they do!

This was one of the key values which won Bethard the ‘Great Place to Work’ award at the 2018 International Gaming Awards.

With a very dedicated team, working diligently off scene, Bethard believe that everything starts with that ‘Team Spirit’.

As the saying goes ‘’the team who plays together, stays together’’ and when that team is also highly creative, motivated and dedicated to the rest of the team, then you know you’re on to a winning formula right from the start.

This winning formula is sure to be a key factor in how they captured and kept hold of the ever-elusive Zlatan Ibrahimović’s attentions and interest.

In an exclusive interview, Skarp made it clear that:

“Zlatan is our partner and provided that we do great things together it will hopefully last forever.

He is not our poster boy, but he will be with us and develop the company, above all, into a brand that people want to associate with.”

This spectacular and already incredibly popular online casino, usually have new players lining up around the block trying to sign up though, so it’s not usually any kind of issue.

Skarp went on to say that “Today there are hundreds of ambassadors for different gaming companies, which means it’s hard to differentiate which person is associated with a brand.’’

‘’We wanted to do something different, by not following the crowd’’.

‘’There was only one stand-out individual we considered to be the world’s biggest winner’’. ‘’One who dared take the challenge, and that was Zlatan”.

Skarp also shared his memories of how Zlatan first responded after he joined the Bethard team. He claims that Zlatan said “I used to win, I won a lot. I’m looking forward to winning with you at Bethard. Bethard is the only betting company that managed to catch my attention. You want to know why? Because I share the idea that winners dare more”.

Bearing in mind Zlatan’s illusive and at times somewhat evasive history when it comes to making partnerships, this really appears to be a match made in paradise.

It also appears to be a good, solid match, made between two equal sides, both of whom seem to be reading from the same page. Which we’re sure we can agree is a rare and wonderful thing.

Bethard’s Tasty Welcome Bonus

Want to discover more about this truly epic online casino?

Then we’ve got happy news for you too!

As, as a new player to sign up at Bethard you’re in luck, thanks to Bethard’s wonder filled Welcome Offer!

Do you want even more good news?

UK Players Rejoice!!

Bethard is due to go live in the UK in the very near future!

What does this mean?

It means that this juicy Bonus will soon be within reach for all our eager Brits too!

So, go sign up and when you make your 1st deposit at Bethard you can seriously boost your bankroll.

Fancy a 200% Cash Match Deposit Bonus up to $200, topped up with a tremendous 25 Wager Free Spins for use on the web’s most popular slot game: Starburst!

Yeah, we though so!

Well then, go sign up and make your 1st deposit of just $25 or more and – BOOM!

It’s broken down as follows:

  • Sign up at Bethard Online Casino
  • Get a 200% Casino Match Deposit Bonus of up to $200
  • PLUS a tasty 25 Wager Free Spins for epic Slot: Starburst
  • T&Cs Apply. 18+

Just do the following: 

  1. Create your online player account with Bethard Casino
  2. Then – Pick your favored CASINO BONUS, whilst making your 1st deposit
  3. Then – Go enjoy yourself playing through your Bonus and Wager Free Spins!

Go Play at Bethard Casino Today!

All deposit Bonus amounts and/or Spins must follow the bonus wagering requirements as stated before withdrawal. The maximum amount of bonus is £200. All deposit bonuses may be on an opt-in basis, not all games contribute, and minimum deposit requirements must have been met. For full participation details refer to Bethard’s Bonus T&Cs.

Don’t miss another minute of the action!

Follow legend Zlatan Ibrahimović’s fine example and sign up to be a part of Bethard Casino today!

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Mar 26

Spread your wings with the Welcome Bonus at Grand Eagle Casino

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GrandEagleCasinoGet ready for a grandiose flight on the wings of amusement. Grand Eagle Casino brings all the best casino entertainment right to you. It’s been doing so ever since 2009 when it was launched. This means that the casino has been around for a good while and it has managed to build a strong and reliable brand for itself.

The casino has everything you need to make your experience as good as possible: a multitude of cutting-edge games provided by BetOnSoft, instant deposits and lightning fast withdrawals, 24/7 player support, top security technologies and much more.

Grand Eagle Casino also has a great set of bonuses to make its players happy. Continue reading to find out all the details!

Enjoy extra funds with your first deposit

Grand Eagle Casino really wants you to fly high! Just to help you start off right, you will receive a great cash bonus upon making your first deposit. When you decide to sign up and make the deposit you will receive a 100% match bonus up to $300. All you need to do is enter the bonus code FLYHIGH upon making the payment!

It’s a great amount of cash which will let you go on a little casino spree!


  • Sign up at the casino
  • First deposit – 100% match bonus up to $300 with the bonus code FLYHIGH
  • T&Cs apply. 18+

Extra funds that come with Welcome Offers are always a great way to begin the online casino gaming adventure. Thanks to the bonuses you get to try out a new casino without putting too much of your own money at stake.

You just need to remember that to be eligible for the bonus you need to deposit a minimum of $20.

Don’t miss out on this great deal, sign up at the casino, make your first deposit and enjoy your extra funds!


Daily boosts of extra funds for frequent players

So you enjoyed your Welcome Offer bonuses and would like to get some more of that good stuff?

We have great news for you! Each player at Grand Eagle Casino can enjoy a set of daily bonuses. Yes, there are extra funds waiting for you EVERY DAY! And what’s more these bonuses are some of the best ones out there.

Check out the full breakdown of everything you can get at Grand Eagle Casino:

  • Monday – 100% match bonus up to $200 with the bonus code ‘GENMON’
  • Tuesday – 80% match bonus up to $400 with the bonus code ‘GENTUE’
  • Wednesday – 90% match bonus up to $900 with the bonus code ‘GENWED’
  • Thursdays – 80% match bonus up to $400 with the bonus code ‘GENTHU’
  • Fridays – 70% match bonus up to $700 with the bonus code ‘GENFRI’
  • Saturdays – 75% match bonus up to $800 with the bonus code ‘GENSAT’
  • Sundays – 70% match bonus up to $750 with the bonus code ‘GENSUN’
  • T&Cs apply. 18+


26th of March 2018. Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply. The Casino reserves the right to cancel or change any bonus offer at any time without notice. New Customer Only. 18+. Gambling can be addictive. Play responsibly.


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Mar 22

Receive extra cash or Bitcoins on your first four deposits

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bitstarzThe guys behind BitStarz know exactly what players need as they are players too. Who better to create an excellent casino gaming environment but casino-enthusiasts themselves?

Everything is in place at this casino: a vast array of games to choose from, professional customer support, 100% security of data and almost instant withdrawals. That’s right, at this casino the average waiting time for cash out is no longer than 10 minutes!

This casino accepts Bitcoin so it’s a really modern casino that goes with the flow. The name Bit Starz doesn’t come from nothing, this casino truly takes pride in being one of the few casinos accepting this cryptocurrency!

Dream big, win bigger! This is BitStarz Casino’s motto and we believe everything is possible when playing at this casino! Who knows, maybe you will be the next big winner? So stop dreaming, dive into the gaming fun and hope that the luck will be in your favour this time.

Bonus funds, Bitcoin and Free Spins waiting are for you at BitStarz Casino

Fancy some extra cash or Bitcoin with your first deposits?

First deposit comes with a great deal – any amount you deposit will be matched with a 100% bonus up to $100 OR you will receive 1 BTC – the choice is up to you. Just to keep the fun going, you will also get 180 Free Spins to use on Boomanji, Fruit Zen or Wolf Gold slots.

The bonus spins will be coming to you in the amount of 20 on each day for 9 consecutive days following your first deposit.

Now for the second deposit, this one will be rewarded with 50% match bonus up to $100 OR 1 BTC which will be instantly credited to your bonus funds account.

Either option you choose, you are properly set, and you will be able to keep the fun going for a long time!

Make your third deposit and you will receive 50% match bonus up to $200 OR 2 BTC. Does it get any better than this?

The bonuses don’t stop there! Make your fourth deposit and you will get 100% bonus up to $100 OR 1 BTC. Those will also be credited to your account immediately after your deposit gets processed.

Breakdown of the Welcome Offer at BitStarz Casino:

  • Sign up at BitStarz Casino
  • First deposit – 100% match bonus up to $100 OR 1 BTC plus 180 Free Spins to use on Boomanji, Fruit Zen or Wolf Gold
  • Second deposit – 50% match bonus up to $100 OR 1 BTC
  • Third deposit – 50% match bonus up to $200 OR 2 BTC
  • Fourth deposit – 100% match bonus up to $100 OR 1 BTC
  • T&Cs apply. 18+

The wagering requirement for bonus funds is 40x. This means you need to wager the bonus amount 40x before you will be able to withdraw any funds from your account.

The minimum amount you need to deposit to be eligible for the bonus is just $5.

We must admit this is a great deal and not many online casinos give their players such an attractive welcome bonus. Don’t miss out on the chance to grab some extra cash and free spins to start your casino adventure just right!


written by admin