Live Online Single Deck Blackjack

It’s not fun when you have to start an article with making someone disappointed but I have to tell you that right now there are not a single live dealer casino that is offering live online blackjack with a single deck. I can’t say exactly why this is but my best guess would be that it would take the dealers too long to shuffle the deck after every hand played and since they want to squeeze in as many hands as possible during an hour of play they prefer the multi-hand blackjack option instead.

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Although it’s very sag that there aren’t any live online casino offering single deck blackjack games you might find comfort in the fact that you will still be able to play 6 deck blackjack and 8 deck blackjack at just about any of the other live dealer casinos out there.

Best Live Casinos for Blackjack

My personal favorite live casino when it comes to playing blackjack is the SmartLive Casino as they are offering a real blackjack game instead of the less attractive early payout strategy tables available at casinos like the LuckyLive Casino. The blackjack games here might not be single deck but they are offering some pretty good looking dealers (both male and female) to make up for that.

If you are from the US then the above option is not a good fit for you as they are unable to accept players from the USA at the moment. But don’t worry. Over at the famous online sports betting website they have just recently launched their very own live dealer casino which features a couple of blackjack tables. If you are looking for more information about the best USA friendly blackjack sites we recommend this article for further reading on the topic.

Will We Ever See Live Online Blackjack With a Single Deck?

Well that’s anyone’s guess really. My personal view is that live dealer single deck blackjack tables aren’t that necessary as they would be way too slow leaving the tables empty while everyone is flocking to the faster paced multi-hand blackjack tables.

Personally I would much rather see the efforts of live dealer casinos spent on improving the quality of the live streams and implementing good comp systems for loyal players like all the major Las Vegas casinos are doing.

The Issue of Card Counting

If the time issue isn’t enough to scare off the live dealer casinos from attempting to implement single deck blackjack games then the issue of card counting at the live dealer blackjack tables will surely give them something to think about before attempting to launch this game. Having a live online casino with blackjack tables is very different from a land based casino. A Vegas casino like¬† the Wynn will be able to watch your every move thanks to the eye in the sky while a live dealer casino doesn’t have any way of telling what you are up to while playing at their blackjack tables.

When playing live online blackjack you can easily sit with a blackjack strategy chart in front of you and at the same time write down all the cards on a piece of paper. This makes card counting very simple and you don’t even need to have any card counting skills in order to turn the house edge to your advantage. With a single deck blackjack table and this obvious advantage the skilled players would probably bust just about every live online casino within a month. So this is probably the main reason we will never see any single deck blackjack tables at the live dealer casinos.