Multi Hand Blackjack

Blackjack is a simple game of cards that is popularly played in both physical and online casinos. But if you are an ardent fan of this game and want more excitement from it, you should definitely try multi hand blackjack, which is offered by many online casinos today. The basic difference between classic blackjack and multi-hand blackjack is that a player gets dealt with five hands, or ten cards, instead of just one. But the aim, however, is similar to classic blackjack where a player has to develop a hand greater than the dealer’s by getting a sum closest to, but not above 21.

How to play Multi-Hand Blackjack

In multi-hand blackjack, you will be dealt up to 5 hands, which have to be played as individual hands, and make the best possible hand to beat the dealer. This variant of blackjack should ideally be played by professional or skilled blackjack players as novice players can find it difficult to handle the intricacies of the game.

Rules of Multi Hand Blackjack

If you want to play this exhilarating game online, here are the basic rules that you should remember.

  • This game is played with five complete sets of 52 cards each, as the number of hands dealt by each player can be anywhere between 1 and 5. The dealer, however, plays only one hand.
  • Number cards are valued as per their face value, picture cards are valued at 10 and ace can either be 1 or 11.
  • Blackjack is the highest hand, and a dealer’s blackjack is higher than the player’s blackjack.
  • In case of a tie, you get your wager amount back.
  • Doubling is permitted only when the sum of your cards is 9, 10 or 11 and re-splitting is not allowed.
  • As in the classic version of blackjack, a dealer has to stand if he has a soft 17.
  • This variant of blackjack does not have the ‘surrender’ option, which is used in classic blackjack.

Types of Multi Hand Blackjack

There are many types of multi-hand blackjack that can be played on the internet. In addition to the Classic blackjack, some of the popular variants of this game include multi-hand Atlantic City blackjack, multi-hand European blackjack, multi-hand Spanish blackjack and multi-hand pontoon blackjack.

Multi-Hand Blackjack strategies

The first thing to keep in mind is that multi-hand blackjack should ideally be played by experienced blackjack players as amateurs may be overwhelmed handling so many hands at once. The second thing to consider is your bankroll, as you would be placing more than one bet in every round.

Card counting is the most popular blackjack strategy that can also be used in multi-hand blackjack. You can learn more about card counting from the internet. Further, you should also consider the type of multi hand blackjack you are playing and develop your strategies accordingly. As the house edge in this form is a low 0.59%, you should look for a site that offers competitive bonuses on this game, and make the best of it by using effective strategies.