Can Live Dealer Blackjack Games be Rigged?

Believe it or not but I often get asked if I’m not worried about the live dealer blackjack games that I mention on this site being rigged. I guess it’s just my good and trusting nature that have never even thought of questioning the integrity of the live dealer games but at the same time I don’t see why a live online casino operator would ever want to rig their games when they already have a natural advantage. I have been giving this a lot of thought lately though and I have come up with a couple of scenarios on how the house could be cheating (but it would be really far fetched to think they are rigging their blackjack games).

How the Casino Can Cheat at Live Blackjack

Again I would like to start out by saying that there is absolutely no reason for the solid live dealer casinos out there to rig their games since they already have the house edge working to their advantage. There is just no value in the casino to start cheating when they already know that they are likely to end up with your hard earned cash anyway, so why risk their reputation?

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Shuffling the Deck Behind the Scenes

I don’t know of any live online casino that actually does this but it would be one way to rig the deck to give the house an additional advantage. The tricky part here though is that the casino will never know how many players are going to sit at the table and they can’t predict every stupid move move made by the potentially drunk players at the table. So even if they would be able to shuffle and rig the deck off camera it could still only be useful if they knew the exact amount of players at the table throughout the shoe.

Interrupt the Live Stream for a Few Seconds

A live casino could “fake” the stream going down for a few seconds and during that time switch the cards around so that you bust. But if the stream went down simultaneously for all players at the table there would almost certainly be a riot unless all the players in the hand won. So again this is not a very likely scenario.

Fake a Misdeal on a Big Blackjack Win

Every now and again it happens that there is a misdeal due to the dealer giving the wrong amount of cards to the players or the cards not registering in the scanner. When this happens the hand is usually canceled and all the bets are refunded. If you are a real conspiracy theorist you could cook up a scenario where the dealer makes it a misdeal on purpose after someone being dealt a natural blackjack on a big wager. But this is also very unlikely to happen as the casinos tend to want to keep their players happy while they are losing their money. Making a big betting player pissed off due to a misdeal during a sure win would not be good PR and they would surely lose that player as a paying customer and lose more money in the long run.

Common “Proof” of Live Blackjack Being Rigged

There are players who can’t just accept the fact that they are losing money at the blackjack tables even though deep down they know that they have the odds working against them from the time they sit down at the table until they leave.These types of players sometimes approach me with “proof” of the live blackjack games being rigged.

I always Lose When I Bet Big

This is the most common “proof” of the live online blackjack games being rigged but is it really that unlikely that you will lose when betting big? Not really. The odds are the same at the start of each hand no matter the amount you bet. Sure sometimes it feels like you lose every time you raise the stakes but that’s the universe working against you rather than anything else. There¬† is just no way for the casino to rig the hand in the middle of a shoe just because you decided to raise the stakes.

I Never Win When I Split or Double Down

If you say you never ever win when splitting or doubling down you can’t have played that many hands of blackjack. The thing with this is that we tend to remember the times when we were really unlucky and lost on a double down 11 against the dealers 6 but we just take the wins for granted and move on. It could also be that you keep insisting on splitting tens which would explain why you never win when splitting your cards.