Live Dealer Sic Bo

Sic Bo is one of the oldest games of chance known to man. First played in ancient China, Sic Bo can be found on casino floors around the modern world. The game invites players to make wagers on the outcome of a random roll of three six-sided dice. The house, as you would expect, has an advantage, but with the right bets, you can keep the house’s statistical edge down to less than three percent. The fans of Sic Bo point to its simplicity and fast-paced feel, but it is still one of the least popular casino games. For consistent access to real Sic Bo games from home, many of these players turn to live Sic Bo on the Internet. Keep reading to learn how you can play this trendy game with the same life-like experience that you would normally get in a land casino.

Live casinos let you play all kinds of games, just as if you were sitting in a real casino. Live Sic Bo might not be on as many of these sites as mainstream casino games like live online blackjack, but it can be found. Live Sic Bo games are set up by putting together a real Sic Bo table and getting a real dealer. Then, the game is played as if there were players sitting right at the table. The players, however, are actually sitting thousands of miles away watching the action unfold over a live video stream. When you log into a live dealer Sic Bo game, you are not watching pre-recorded footage; the game is being broadcasted live, in real time. Make bets by clicking on the Sic Bo layout, which is presented in a digital gaming landscape, and watch as fortunes are made and hearts are broken. You can chat with the dealer and you might even be able to communicate with other players like yourself.

How To Play Live Sic Bo

The two primary Sic Bo bets have to do with the sum of all three dice: they are Big (11-17) and Small (4-10). Both of these bets pay even money and the house edge is only a small 2.8%. This is approximately equivalent to playing roulette on a single-zero wheel. If you want to change things up a bit, there are lots of other betting options in live Sic Bo. You can bet on the sum being even or odd, pick a double that you expect, choose a specific set of three numbers, and much more. For bets where you are not specifically betting on a triple, triples go in the house’s favor. The rules vary in terms of payouts, but there are always going to be some sucker bets. In the most common variation of the game, the worst bet is choosing a specific pair. The house edge is 18.5%, which makes this one of the absolute worst bets you can make in any casino!

Considering that Sic Bo is the least commonly played game in most casinos, it is not offered by very many live dealer casinos on the Internet. It may take some searching to find one that meets your standards, but the game is available and it still has a strong following. If you are willing to settle for a non-live version of the game, you won’t have any difficulty finding Sic Bo at a major online casino, but there is something to be said for playing live. Most importantly, the game is significantly more fun and exciting. Instead of blankly staring at an animation of rolling dice, you get to see the real thing.

Live gambling is also typically considered a safer way to play casino games online. The casino cannot just change an algorithm to increase the house edge and there is no concern about a computer glitch ruining your game. The single best arguments for live casinos being particularly safe is the fact that many live online Sic Bo casinos are affiliated with regular, old fashioned casinos. The government has taken steps to regulate these businesses to keep them honest and, should you ever believe that you are being taken advantage of, it is much easier to go to the authorities with a complaint aimed at a legitimate casino.