Mobile Roulette – The Ultimate Guide to Start Playing

In the past, roulette was a game that belonged to the upper classes and only the elite could afford to visit casinos and play it. It was invented in France in the seventerouletteenth century. As the time passed, more and more people began to take an interest in the game and various types of roulette were remodelled in line with the latest trends and technologies.

Recently, roulette has become so popular that you can even play it on most portable devices. The magic of the spinning wheel has been brought right into your pocket. All you need to do is launch a mobile casino website or app and start playing.

Roulette is a game of chance which attracts players with its simplicity and total unpredictability, giving both regular and new players a chance to win.

The development of technology and the emerging possibilities along with it drove online casinos to provide special offers for mobile players as well. However, it’s not only about adapting the website to the capabilities of a smartphone or tablet – it’s also about developing dedicated casino applications to play mobile phone roulette.

As it turns out, quite a large number of mobile device users prefers to play roulette on mobile and some of them do not use desktop computers at all.

Due to this growing trend, online casinos try to adjust their standards and cater to the expectations of such players. A convenient application allows access to mobile phone roulette regardless of where the user is.

In addition, this solution is not only convenient but also guarantees new users the opportunity to take advantage of various types of bonuses:

  • Mobile roulette no deposit bonus – a bonus given to the player right after they sign up at the casino. Thanks to this kind of bonus, you can play roulette without putting in any of your own money at stake, but you still can win some real money!
  • Mobile roulette free bonus – this bonus is given either to new players that just signed up at the casino and made their first deposit or for frequent players who make use of promotions offered by the casino. Free bonuses for roulette may also be given out to players who participate in a loyalty or VIP scheme.

Although not every mobile casino has prepared such an offer for its players, the larger ones usually try to encourage users to play by offering different types of promotions. It’s not only a good way to welcome new players and reward the frequent ones, it’s also a good opportunity for the casino to promote itself.

Types of Mobile Roulette

As roulette grew in popularity, new forms of gameplay were born in the US and other countries. There are two most popular versions of roulette on mobile being played around the world:

  • European Roulette – the most common type of roulette amongst mobile players. As roulette originated in France, European Roulette is also considered the most authentic version of the game. The numbers range from 1 to 37. The house edge in European Roulette is more favourable for players as it is at 2.7% while the American Roulette’s house edge is 5.27%.
  • American Roulette – the main difference between the European and American version is that it includes two zeros – the regular 0 pocket and an additional 00 pocket. Therefore, the American Roulette consists of 38 numbers. Another difference lies in the design of the wheel – sequential numbers are placed directly opposite to each other, for example, the number 7 is placed across the wheel from the number 8.

These are just the two main versions of roulette. However, the variety of this game is much bigger and is not limited to only two versions. Roulette mobile players can also choose such versions as Immersive Roulette, Speed Roulette and French Roulette among others.

Roulette on Your Mobile – Which Devices Can You Play on?

mobile deviceTo play roulette on mobile you must, of course, have the right equipment, and therefore owning a smartphone or a newer tablet is necessary, although older models should also work. In addition, an Internet connection is required!

The easiest way to indulge yourself in mobile roulette at online casinos is to enter the address of the casino in the search engine. Most of them have a special version devised specifically for mobile devices, but it is also possible to download a dedicated application. All you need to do is sign up on the selected website, then log in to your account and choose the preferred version of roulette to play.

The only difference between a mobile roulette and the one available on the desktop is how you control the game – when using a smartphone or tablet players control the game using the device’s touchscreen. When playing on the desktop, players obviously use their mouse and keyboard.

The most popular casinos offering mobile roulette are created for the iPhone and iOS operating systems. The reason for this is the fact that they are the ones most often chosen by users of mobile devices and with iOS being the most popular operating system in general.

For this reason, many online casinos decide to create a special application dedicated to these systems, instead of building a mobile version of the website. Thanks to these dedicated applications, the mobile product is perfectly optimized and delivers the absolute best gaming experience.

However, many online casinos simply allow players to access the game straight from the browser. Therefore, you can play roulette on devices with such operating systems as:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Blackberry

Many casinos also have independent applications for tablets that have a slightly larger interface and more complex graphics than the version intended for smartphones. Indulging yourself in a mobile roulette on a tablet is a unique experience!

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Worried about Security? Don’t be!

securityMany potential players are worried that the use of a mobile casino is less secure, but in reality, there is a very small chance that a virus will appear on the phone while playing the game.

In terms of secure payments, mobile casinos use the same encryption technology as desktop versions, so you can deposit funds to play roulette on mobile without fretting.

Therefore, playing on mobile is not only a convenient and extremely accessible way of entertainment but also guarantees the user’s safety.

Is it Really More Comfortable to Play Mobile Phone Roulette?

It might seem like the application for a smartphone or tablet with a smaller screen will be less convenient to use than the one in the desktop computer monitor or laptop. You may be worried that the experience of playing free mobile roulette game is going to be less of a great experience than playing on the desktop, but there is honestly no reason to worry!

Quality of the Gameplay

Often, both mobile versions of online casino sites, as well as mobile applications optimized for mobile devices, provide users with not only the opportunity to play anywhere but also guarantee great graphics and a friendly interface.

To get an absolutely best gaming experience, pick games provided by such software developers as:

  • Net Entertainment
  • Microgaming
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Play’n GO
  • Betsoft
  • NYX Interactive
  • Quickspin

These are just a few most popular and reliable software providers. Pick the game of roulette provided by one of these companies to have the best possible quality of gameplay guaranteed.

Developers have worked a lot to make sure there are no mistakes in the gameplay, that roulette games run smoothly and do not crash. All this makes mobile casinos attractive to all roulette fans.

An additional advantage of mobile roulette casino is certainly the excellent details in every graphic. Attention to colours and the quality of all visual effects makes the game pleasant and makes for a great experience, although it is displayed on smaller screens.


The Comfort of Using Mobile Roulette Casino

Games in mobile casinos are usually divided into categories so that you can find your favourite ones in a short time. For convenience’s sake, roulette sometimes gets its own category, accessible straight from the home page of the casino.

It’s also a great convenience that many applications do not require logging in each time. You can stay logged into both mobile and desktop casinos to enjoy the roulette from whichever device suits you the most at any given moment.

This solution greatly simplifies the operation and allows you to quickly start the game whenever you feel like it. In addition, all mobile casinos have an easy access to the tab with information about a player’s profile, but also deposits, withdrawals or bonuses that can be used.

Mobile Roulette Free Bonus

Remember that some casinos have special bonuses exclusively for mobile players. You may be receiving a mobile roulette no deposit bonus or a mobile roulette free bonus with your first deposit to kick-start your game.

Any Downsides?

roulette mobileThe only issue players may encounter when picking a mobile casino over its desktop version is the possibility of having a slightly smaller choice of games than when using a desktop computer or a laptop.

However, casino operators know how important it is to provide a great mobile product to the players. Therefore, more games are being constantly added to the mobile casinos, and this includes different types of roulette.


Mobile roulette games can be an excellent form of entertainment not only in the comforts of your own home but also wherever you find a free moment to play – on the bus, during your lunch break at work, in a pub and basically anywhere with an internet connection.

Playing at mobile roulette from online casinos is also an excellent way to pass a pleasant long journey by train or to kill time when waiting in a queue.

Apps have been refined in visual terms, thanks to which the games are rich in attractive graphics and colours. Gameplay is similar to that on desktop computers, with the only difference being controlling the games using the touchscreen.

The intuitive interface certainly facilitates the task, and also allows you to verify your user profile, check your winnings or access your bonuses.

A great incentive for undecided players of the mobile casino will certainly be special promotions, which sometimes are available only for mobile players. It may turn out that accessing the game via smartphone or tablet will be associated with additional bonus amounts that can be used during the game.

What’s more, some of the games are only available to players using the application or the site’s mobile version.

The mobile version of roulette combines the advantages of the desktop game with convenience – you don’t have to stay home to join the game and place a bet. The highest levels of entertainment are right at your fingertips regardless of where you are.

Gamble Responsibly

Remember that playing roulette on mobile casino should primarily be a source of fun. Because gameplay is often accompanied by a lot of emotions and adrenaline, some players may lose control and forget they are playing with real money. Never play with more cash than you can afford. Roulette and other types of mobile casino games always involve a certain risk, which applies to both new players as well as those with extensive experience and skills. If you feel that it’s time to take a break, take advantage of the possibility of imposing limits on your casino account.

All mobile casinos have the option of setting up personal limits when necessary. It’s a simple way to limit the number of daily plays or the amount you bet.

You can also suspend your player account for a while and return to the competition when you regain the necessary composure. Online casino specialists will definitely help you set your limits in such a way, that playing mobile roulette with real money provides you with great entertainment without exposing you to big financial losses.